The Mauler interview

Jag ska ta hem UFC bältet till Sverige under 2013 och den kommer stanna här - Alexander Gustafsson (via mmanyttse)

Interview with Alex "The Mauler" Gustavsson about his fight with Shogun, the UFC151 crazyness and some more.

The interview is in Swedish, but I have transcribed some quotes to english after the jump.

On fighting Shogun:

For me, this is the biggest fight of my career so far. I say this every fight but that's the way it is. Shogun is a legend, and this now I take the big step to the bests in the world. I will have a great camp, on december 8th it is on.

On Jones:

It would be awesome to face Jon Jones. It would be a great fight, a great fight for the fans. And a good test for my self. Belt or not I want to face the best, that's why I'm in this.

On Vitor Belfort fighting for the 205 title.

They need someone to face him. It's been a mess. People turning the fight down, he (Jones) turning fights down, so no I'm not surprised.

On Vitors chances:

He need a great gameplan, and to be in great shape. He needs to outwork Jones. He can't be on Jones distance, that's where he is lethal. I've trained with him, he is a though fighter, he's got heart and is a warrior. We will see what's happening, but I think Jones will come out on top.

Boxer or not, this great striker have to pressure as well. If you okay Jones game you are screwed, because he is that good. You have to find your own distance, find a gameplan and stick to it. Look at Machida, the first round against Jones I think he won. Then he lost his gameplan.

On the question if he got asked to take the 151 fight and if he would have done that.

No, I did not get the question.


That would been something that I'll have to sit down with my coaches to talk about, I can't answer yes or no. The question never came.

On the future

In 2013 I will bring the belt home to Sweden.

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