UFC on Fox 4: A Contender Will Be Born

If OJ Simpson escaped prison and a high-speed car chase ensued this Saturday night, no one would watch. Why? Because all attention will be on UFC on FOX 4.

Top to bottom it's a great card, but the focus will primarily be on the top two light heavyweight bouts, and deservedly so. The pair of fights will provide a much-desired answer to who is the top contender in the Light Heavyweight division.

The 205 pound weight class is one where there is extreme parity between the champion and the challengers. The only other weight class that rivals the light heavyweight division's balance is probably Rumbleweight.

All four contenders that will be fighting on the nationally broadcasted event could realistically fight Jon Jones today and the bout would be compelling. That's why UFC's outing this Saturday is must-watch TV.

These four men all have one thing in common. They have a history with Jon Jones.

On UFC's debut event on the Versus network in 2010, Brandon Vera lost a close fight against Jones. He was able to significantly damage the elbow of the future 205 pound champ with his chin, a tactic that he may employ against Shogun Rua tomorrow night.

Channeling the PRIDE Shogun, Mauricio Rua looked absolutely flawless in his championship defense against Jon Jones. The only negative was the poor officiating by the referee. While Rua was clearly playing possum by receiving multiple strikes from Jones, the referee stopped the fight. Injustice.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to witness Lyoto Machida's fight with Jon Jones. I'm a huge fan of Machida, HUGE, and before every one of his fights I like to drink my own urine. Apparently, I accidently mixed the bottle my urine was in with the one that stored the urine of the donkey I own (I'm gathering it for a FanPost idea on BloodyJackassdotcom) and my body didn't take kindly to it.

So I missed the fight, but according to a reliable source, it was a close fight that warrants a rematch. I also missed Ryan Bader's fight with Jon Jones just because I boycotted the event (UFC 126) due to Ricco Rodriguez not being called in as a replacement to fight Kid Yamamoto on the preliminary card.

As far as the fights go, they are captivating, especially the main event. Don't let the MMA media fool you. Brandon Vera has more than a puncher's chance against Shogun. He is a fighter that could in all honesty be a multi-divisional champion.

Another thing to look out for is how great Shogun will look. He thrives whenever he is a heavy favorite. Don't believe me? Look at his fights against Forrest Griffin and Mark Coleman. He looked like a world-beater.

What will be intriguing about the fight is Brandon Vera's fighting style. Apparently, he is looking to change things up, but he hasn't really made it public just yet, although Dana White has provided some tidbits of information.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Dana White said that Brandon told him that "he was going to shove it up everyone's ass". That will be quite the unorthodox tactic would be similar to the style of UFC pioneer Keith Hackney. In the same interview White said that Roy Nelson was a "pain in the ass", so with that I can only assume that Vera has been preparing for this fight with Nelson.

The co-main event promises to be an exceptional stand-up battle. Machida, a student under the tutelage of martial arts master Steven Seagal, has a very technical and elusive style, and Bader, a student under the tutelage of Thuganomics, is a graceful striker that is awe-inspiring to watch fight on the feet.

Bader is dominant in other sports as well. His football credentials are insane. He had just as many passing touchdowns and receptions as Peyton Manning had last season. Despite being rather inactive in the MLB this year, Bader is only trailing former Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee by two wins this season. It will be an honor to see a modern-day Jim Thome fight in the octagon this Saturday.

Both fights look spectacular, and at the end of the day there will only be one true winner. The fans.

The Light Heavyweight division has never been deeper, and that will be shown this Saturday as we will find new, legitimate, and compelling challenger for Jon Jones' crown.

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