Dan Henderson is Being Highly Disrespected By Everyone

Dan Henderson is an MMA Legend. I'm sure none of use will argue that he is one of the greatest fighters of all time. He has faced a whose-who of MMA through out his glorious career. Unlike some fighters he didn't just face big names he actually beat them. Guys like Rich Franklin, Shogun Rua, Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, and others have all tasted defeat at the hands of Dan Henderson. Dan is facing a tough task in defeating Jon Jones, but people are speaking about the fight like it has already happened With virtually every story involving Jon Jones lately it seems like everyone has forgotten that he's fighting Dan Henderson.



It all first became noticeable after UFC 148. The predominant story after that was everyone wanting Jon Jones and Anderson Silva to set up a "Super Fight". For a solid two weeks there were stories popping up about why they should fight, who is scared of who, which one should call out the other, and why sponsorships don't matter. People seemed to forget that Jon Jones has a fight coming up. The champion even sent a tweet out reminding people of that fact:

Hey guys, I'll be fighting Dan Henderson September 1st for the light heavyweight championship of the world...just in case you forgot

Of course no one cared because apparently a guy with so much power that his punches are nicknamed like they're a pro wrestling finish(H-bomb >>> WMD btw) is a non-factor.

This further continued when Dana White announced that on UFC on Fox 4 the winner would get a title shot. There were probably less than 10 people who thought, "Those guys could be some interesting fights for Dan Henderson." The rest of us nerd raged because we felt none of them deserve a rematch against Jon Jones. Even though it was apparently expanded to every LHW on that card besides Wagner Prado the outcries stayed the same. Outside of possibly Vera would you like to see any of those fighters face Dan Henderson for the title? I find all of those interesting fights for him. No one is thinking that though.

Hell, Dana White himself even felt the same way during the press conference. At least one time he mentioned that the winner of Saturday's show would be the "next guy to face Jon Jones." People talk about how hard Weidman is to market for Anderson Silva, but it seems like they're gonna have one hell of a time marketing this fight. There are lots of people who think Chris Weidman has a shot at beating Anderson. Many people hope that Dan lands a punch and KOs Jon, but few think he will.

Dan Henderson is currently ranked as the second best light heavyweight in the world and he's facing the highest ranked light heavyweight in Jon Jones. Going by the current betting odds of their fights people are giving Brandon Vera(ranked 25th) a better chance of upsetting Shogun Rua(ranked 4th) than Henderson has at upsetting Jones. What's worse is people are giving debuting Wagner Prado a better chance of upsetting Phil Davis(#6) than they are giving Dan Henderson of winning. This is a guy that knocked out Fedor!

Dan Henderson is clearly the underdog in this fight and he is the underdog for a variety of reasons. This article also isn't about me trying to con anyone into betting on Dan Henderson. The point of this is for us to give the man some respect. It seems that the only person who is not completely overlooking Dan Henderson is Jon Jones. The man at least deserves to actually fight and lose at UFC 151 before we pretend like he does not exist. Stranger things have happened in MMA

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