ONE FC 5 Video: Evolve MMA Coach Promises His BJJ Champ In Ribeiro Will KO Phil Baroni

Can the grappler KO the striker? His coach at Evolve MMA seems to think so.

So if you have been following our coverage of the stacked ONE FC 5 card, you would probably have noticed that Phil Baroni has done two guest blogs for BloodyElbow so far. Baroni will be facing Rodrigo Ribeiro, a BJJ champion from the famed Evolve MMA gym, and on those blogs, the NYBA has been making bold predictions and taking shots at his opponent he calls "Pony Boy".

Here's a snippet from his last blog post here at Bloody Elbow:

"If he thinks his Muay Thai training with his championship coaching staff at Evolve is going to help him, his ass is sadly mistaken. Pony Boy, you're a Jits guy, and if you try and stand, you're gonna get hurt. Your Thai training is not gonna help you. See, your coaches are going to be locked outside, and all that's going to be in the cage with you, are me and my fists."

Evolve MMA has since released a video blog that focuses on their guys competing at the ONE FC event, and one of the more interesting predictions made by their founder and head coach in Chatri Sityodtong is that he thinks Ribeiro, who is a BJJ champion, will flat out KO the striker in Baroni.

Watch the clip below, and check out the choice quotes after the jump.

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Chatri Sityodtong on Phil Baroni vs. Rodrigo Ribeiro:

Rodrigo had a great camp. His striking has improved tremendously, and I think he is going to knock Phil Baroni out in the second round. I mean he is going to knock him out cold, and they will have to pull him out on a stretcher.

On paper, Baroni has bigger power and has more experience standing up, while Ribeiro will obviously have better Jiujitsu. The Evolve MMA product has been working with world champions in Muay Thai for quite some time now, and it is really interesting to see if Ribeiro actually stands with Baroni on this one, or if that bold prediction is simply a way to throw people off his game plan.

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Also on the video blog, he talked about the bout between Mitch Chilson and Shannon Wiratchai:

Mitch Chilson has added a variety of tools to his arsenal, and I really do not see this thing going out of the first round. I think it's going to end by KO.

Here's the full ONE FC fight card where they have since officially removed Shinya Aoki from:


First few fights will be streamed for free, the main card will be available at an online PPV for $9.99

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