"Jon Jones Has No Challenges Left" - Absolutely False

People talk a lot about Jon Jones cleaning out his division. Scratch that, people talk a lot about Jon Jones. He has been insanely impressive and he has destroyed quite a few former champions on his current run. People are quick to call him to move to Heavyweight or take a Superfight. But considering recent and upcoming circumstances, I say he has more than a few opponents to keep his hands full. I'll attempt to name them in semi-chronological/divisional relevance order

1. Vitor Belfort - A man who holds wins in 3 different weight classes. He won the UFC 12 4 man heavyweight tournament, was briefly the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, and challenged for the UFC middleweight title. He is rightfully a huge underdog to Jon Jones, but his speed and knockout power will still be interesting problems for Jon Jones to tackle. Beyond all of that, he is on a 2 fight win streak with 2 first round finishes as opposed to coming off of a he is an infinitely more legitimate choice to fight Jon Jones than a guy like Chael Sonnen.

2. Dan Henderson - I'm not sure how long his injury will take to heal, but I have to assume that he would be the next in line to face Jones if Jones beats Belfort. He is a living legend who has won numerous tournaments and titles in MMA and with the type of destructive knockout power he has, can never be counted out in a fight.

3. Lyoto Machida - Seeing as he didn't take the fight on roughly 1 month notice, he may have gotten himself into less than good graces with the UFC brass in regards to the title picture. He might be forced to fight someone else to re-solidify his status. Either way, he is a former champion and the only man to take a round from Jon Jones(in the minds of most, at least) so a potential rematch between the two would be interesting...even if the odds seem to be in favor of a similar result to the first fight.

4. Alexander Gustafsson - 12-1 on a 5 figh winning streak. He is young, fast, and heavy handed. He is fighting Shogun Rua at UFC on Fox 5, and while anything can happen, it's essentially a showcase fight for Gus to become a top contender. He is going to do bad things to Shogun, worse than what Vader did to Luke in Cloud City, worse than what Bane did to Batman in the Gotham'll be bad.

So right there, 4 fighters who all present their own set of challenges for Jon Jones. Would he be the favorite in every fight? Quite likely...but most champions are. Beyond that, there are a handful of guys who are more in the 'up and coming' realm who might be right around the corner from contendership.

5. Glover Teixeira - 18-2, 16 fight winning streak, 16 career finishes. Glover is fighting Rampage at UFC 153, and if Rampage's history for lacking motivation isn't enough, the combination of his increasing age and the return from injuries should probably do the trick in ensuring that Glover sends him out of the UFC on 3 straight losses. If that happens, then presto, Glover is immediately a contender.

6. Ryan Jimmo - 17-1, 17 fight winning streak, 9 career finishes. Jimmo is already well in the top 25 of the division, and after starching Anthony Perosh in a record tieing 7 seconds in his debut, he can definitely be expected to get a pretty sizable step up in his next fight. The UFC isn't going to baby a guy on this kind of streak, because someone like this is marketable, they'll look to get him 'into the mix' pretty quickly.

And we can't forget that fighters like Evans, Phil Davis, Ryan Bader, Thiago Silva, and Rogerio Nogueira are all looking to rebound and potentially work toward title shots of their own.

Jon Jones has plenty to keep him busy.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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