Introducing Kyu: A New MMA Comic


As a young grasshopper, I loved two things: comics and martial arts. And being that sort of grasshopper, I wasn't content to indulge my love from the sidelines. As a callow whippersnapper, I drew my own Marvel comic clones, and practised Bruce Lee moves on my hapless siblings.

Over time, not much has changed. I've been through life's rites of passage, ups and downs, vicissitudes and triumphs, and two things have always defined my free time and idle hours: comics and martial arts. As I was sucked into the vortex of adulthood and the life of a serious man, they provided an escape from the necessity and stresses of being a responsible grownup.

The more serious and formal my real life responsibilites were, the more childish and whimsical the comics I drew became. They were a sort of antidote to real life, their over-the top intensity a catharsis and escape from the stressful strictures of professional adulthood. This was the genesis of Blackfly, a ribald celebration of tongue-in-cheek excess which I used to post on Mania.

But as a lifelong comic lover, I've also always been a consumer, not just a creator. And as my passion for martial arts broadened to include an obsession with MMA, I noticed a glaring lacuna in the webcomics folder of my Google Reader. There was no MMA comic. Surely I thought, the world's fastest-growing sport would have a legion of fanboy artists scrawling out panel after panel of bone-crushing carnage in tribute?

Nope. There was nothing. So sensing both an opportunity and a need, I decided to discontinue the childish Blackfly comics, and try my hand at creating a serious MMA webcomic with broad appeal. I have done so. It is called Kyu, and it has just launched. Most of all, I really hope you the BE community will support it, being the leading lights of the erudite MMA fanbase.

Kyu chronicles the ongoing adventures of a talented but impetuous MMA fighter. I intend it to combine beautiful drawing with high-intensity MMA action and arresting story-telling. And it will even feature a few familiar faces from the real-life MMA universe. If you like comics, I'd like to ask you to take a look, follow the comic, overwhelm me with feedback and comments on my website, and if you like it, tell your friends about it. Kyu is a comic for MMA lovers, and hopefully it lightens your day a little bit.

To be clear, the comic won't be posted here on BE. You can bookmark it at You can also receive new comics by email by signing up here (your email address is safe, black belt's honor). Or if RSS is your thing, please add this feed to your RSS reader. The comic (unlike its predecessor) will also be SFW, so please feel free to share it with your kith and kin.

Below is what the first second comic looks like. Hope you like it, and look forward to seeing you over at Kyu's Octagonal universe.


P:S: Thanks to Kid Nate for permitting my blatant plug.

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