You call this a worst case scenario? I got 5 worse than that right here.

I understand your distress. Really, I do! I wanted to see Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones as much as anybody.* Know what, though? These things sometimes happen in mma, as a very great man once said. Injuries are just part of the business. Usually it's cancelled fights, this time it's a cancelled card. The hardest hit are the undercard fighters, and they are already being placed in nearby cards to beef them up for our pleasure. Machida vs. Jones isn't nearly as sexy a fight as it was back in December - not that it was better than a seven then, what with a one fight win streak (albeit by spectacular KO) isn't the best credential you could as for in a title challenger. But we do get to see it again, and maybe Jones will try to split the arrow and choke him out at the exact same moment - that would be fun, right?

I'm wandering away from my point - which is that this ain't so bad. There are plenty of other plausible scenarios that would have been even more infuriating. At least to me. Here are a few.

5 - Jones vs. Sonnen. Yeah, I know. Jones is ducking the Gangster from West Linn. Get real. As has been repeatedly pointed out, he's coming off a loss and hasn't won at 205 since Dana White lost his favorite comb. If it wasn't for the 'new Chael' that learned to jaw his way into your heart, you wouldn't buy that PPV with a two for one coupon.

4 - Jones vs. Weidman. Even more ridiculoid. At least Chael is a name. I think Chris will turn out to be a hall of fame level talent myself, but he's too light and it's way too early.

3 - The co-main is elevated to the main. UFC 151 - Ellenberger vs. Heiron, live on Pay Per View. Just marinate on that for a minute.

2 - Jones vs. Random Available Heavyweight - OK, a lot of us, myself included, are basically biding our time until Bones-o gets tired of cutting weight and beating up the same five dudes and sees what he can do against the Cains, Alistairs and Juniors of the world. Of course, coming in on short notice and as his first fight in a new, chunkier division he's not going to fight one of those guys right off. So...Pat Barry? Chad Griggs? Tim Freakin' Sylvia? I think not.

and for our grand finale? Yeah, I got something good, by which I mean marrow-chilling here.

1 - Dan's an old guy**. This is a serious injury. Potentially career ending, in fact. And so he rides off toothlessly into the sunset, dragging his TUE for TRT with him. See you in Expendables: The Next Generation, guys!

* Possible exceptions: Zuffa stockholders

** Younger than me, but who's counting? Pass me a tissue, I've got something in my eye.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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