Why I'm not mad

I'm not upset about UFC 151 being cancelled. There is a lot of blame to go around, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it, or get too emotional. It sucks for the undercard fighters, and fans who had financial investments into this fight, but time marches on, and I'm sure that the fighters will be taken care of (especially when Dana is trying so hard to get public opinion on his side... these guys will at least get something)

1. UFC finally got burned by a weak PPV card... For years the thing UFC could hold over boxing was the depth of the PPV cards they were selling, but that has been going away on more frequent basis. I'm hoping that maybe they will learn their lesson about getting lazy with match-making. A strong undercard could have saved this PPV and at least got them to the 200K ceiling.

2. Jon Jones is not wasting a fight on Chael Sonnen... the same Chael Sonnen who many thought lost to Michael Bisping last January, and got TKO'd in his last fight. Sonnen who last won a UFC LHW fight in 2006. Jones is fighting the guy UFC said is the number 1 contender on Sept 22nd (Less than a month from today) in a fight that now has so many story lines that I'm actually interested in the Jones/Machida rematch now.

3. Speaking of Sept 22nd... This is now back in the running for card of the year. Jones vs. Machdia (LHW Title), Johnson vs. Benavidez (FLW Title), Bisping vs. Stann, Dunham vs. Grant, Oliveria vs. Swanson... what a main card.

4. I just saved $50. I would have bought UFC 151, and UFC 152, now I just have to buy one, and it is going to be a great card.

5. All the cards from Sept to Nov will likely get stronger. There isn't a single fight from 151 that was can't miss (outside of the main event), but if you add some of these fights to upcoming cards in a more appropriate bout order, then everyone wins.

6. Hendo will still be waiting down the road... probably next year, but with the TRT running through his veins he should be OK... and LHW isn't officially cleaned out for a few more months.

7. The price of going to a live UFC event is probably going to go down... after UFC 149, the terrible gate in Denver, and then fans getting burned over this, it is going to be hard for UFC to keep the price of tickets where they are, unless the cards are stacked... and even then I see a lot more fans waiting until last minute to purchase tickets.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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