Dana White's Anger Towards Jones' Refusal to Fight Sonnen is Understandable but Misguided, Has No One to Blame But Himself.

Injuries happen. Sometimes fights get replaced, sometimes they don't. Dan Henderson tore his MCL and is out of his UFC 151 title fight against Jon Jones. Jones turned down Chael Sonnen as a replacement on 8 days notice. I'm annoyed by Jones' decision to turn down the Sonnen fight simply because I wanted to see them fight, it would've been entertaining, and 22 other fighters wouldn't have been out a payday. Who are those fights? Let's take a look:

Jake Ellenberger vs Jay Hieron

Dennis Siver vs Eddie Yagin

Thiago Tavares vs Dennis Hallman

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs John Lineker

Michel Johnson vs Danny Castillo

Takeya Mizugaki vs Jeff Hougland

Abel Turjillo vs Tim Means

Daron Cruickshank vs Henry Martinez

Shane Roller vs Jacob Volkmann

Kyle Noke vs Charlie Brenneman

That is an awful card. Everybody knew UFC 151 was a one fight card. Dana White is mad that he's missing out on a payday after doing all of this promoting. Pissed at Jones. Furious with Greg Jackson. But he has no one to blame but himself

This card was completely top heavy. What happened when a card like UFC 146 was hit with a main event injury? Another fighter on that card was able to take a short notice fight. Mir was preparing already and felt comfortable stepping up to the ME spot. They were able to survive with that Main Event. When you build a fight card as shallow as UFC 151, you have no choice but to cancel the event when injuries to the two top fights plague it. UFC 151 with Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen would've been nothing but a joke. I would've watched, but that is a completely terrible product that the UFC would have ran out there with zero shame. You can blame injuries all you want, but when you have a card as awful as this one was, you're putting yourself in a position to fail and fail spectacularly. And that's what the UFC did. They dropped the ball in the biggest way by wasting 20 other fighters times, and all of their promotional work went to shit because their card wouldn't have even been Fuel caliber without the Main Event. Some cards can handle a cancelled Main Event and still live. But the UFC is spreading themselves so thin on Jon Jones fight cards that they were begging for disaster.

But go ahead Dana, let the saturation arguments fall on deaf ears. It's not my bottom line it's killing. Your tirade against Jones and Jackson is quite frankly embarrassing because it shows that the most powerful figure in MMA is also the most shortsighted. I'm pissed I won't be seeing Jones vs Sonnen. But my anger isn't directed towards them, it's directed towards you for wasting a fight weekend, and then throwing your employees under the bus for your mistakes. Some cards can survive a cancelled Main Event, the shit on a platter you offered everyone for 45.99 wasn't up to par. It's your fault. Man up and accept responsibility.

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