An Open Letter to Jon Jones


I think you're conflicted. Hopefully this letter will help to guide you.

On one hand you openly admit you want to make money. While you love fighting, you are doing it to get paid. I have absolutely no problem with this. In fact, I'm glad you're being honest and putting your cards on the table now. This obviously rubs some fans the wrong way because they think fighters should be fighting simply for the love of the sport, the thrill of being the best, yada yada yada. I get you. You recognize fighters have a limited shelf life and you need to put away for retirement because you're a "2012 warrior" (whatever the fuck that means) with a family.

Here's where the conflict comes in. You're trying to make loads of money but at the same time you want to come off as a good guy. You want to be the protagonist, the religious guy, the role model to kids. Brah! you need to embrace your inner heel! Even if you are a good guy in real life, forget that. You've been compared to the great Muhammad Ali, (although I'm not sure if that was your PR team, the media, yourself or whatever). Muhammad Ali was an incredible fighter but at the same time he was also an ASSHOLE. Now I'm sure to his family and friends Ali was a good guy but nobody can deny he was one cocky mo-fo in public. He talked all kinds of shit about his opponents and told everyone he was the greatest. And you know what? He backed it up too! He made plenty of money and fans without being a boy scout.

My advice, embrace the "I'm a prize fighter" image, wear some bling, talk shit, be arrogant. Don't say, "I have no interest in fighting Machida because he was my lowest PPV draw." Say you don't want to fight Machida because he's a chump, I put him to sleep last time, and dumped his ass on the floor like a passed out sorority pledge. Sure, some people will get all Hatie Holmes about it, but it's not like you don't have plenty of Haten Panettieres hate'n on you already. Some people like to root for the bad guy. My self included.

Did you watch DBZ growing up? That's a stupid question, of course you did. Who's cooler, Goku or Vegeta? End of discussion.

You're welcome,

Psychic Octopus

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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