Jon Jones Fires More Shots at Chael: "I'm not going to allow him to get a title fight from talking"

A Jon Jones fight is coming up and we all know what that means. Jon Jones saying "controversial" things, people hoping he loses, and people asking him about who he's going to fight after he beats his current opponent like it's a given. MMA Junkie just had a very good interview with Jon Jones that has touched on most of the lightning rod subjects that Jon Jones have been a part of during the build up for UFC 151.. They ask him about Machida, Chael, and how "clean" the light heavyweight division is



Jon Jones on another Machida fight:

"But as a businessman, the [fight against Machida at UFC 140] had the lowest pay-per-view sales of all the fights I had in 2011," Jones said. "So it's just like, I don't see why it would benefit me to fight him again. ... I have nothing to gain there. I beat him once, and it was the lowest pay-per-view numbers I had the whole year. So why would I fight someone that no one really wants to see when there's all these other guys working their hearts out to get a chance at me? Why do they get skipped [by] a guy who lost already?"

Makes sense. I wouldn't mind watching Jones vs. Machida II, but I'd rather see Jon fight Gus or a top 10 HW first. Lets not all forget that the only reason this Machida fight is happening is because of the stupid ass stipulation that Dana White put on the UFC on Fox 4 card. If Jon gets past Dan Henderson then he would have beaten more people than Lyoto has since he got choked out by Jon.

Jon Jones on Chael Sonnen:

"He mentions Brazilian kids playing with dirt while American kids play with normal toys," Jones said. "He talks about people's parents and families and wives. He's a bona fide bully. ... The Brazilian thing, I lost a lot of respect for him. What he said was racist. It was disrespectful and unacceptable. I have a strong stance on this because I hate what he's doing. You can't just insult a whole country like that. ... It was terrible. As Americans, we should have been embarrassed by what he did."

Jon is confusing jingoism with racism there, but he seems to not like Chael. With that said he also doesn't want that animosity to fast track Chael to a title shot:

"It's what he wants, but I'm not going to allow him to get a title fight from talking," Jones said. "It's not going to happen. Chael Sonnen will not get a title fight from using his mouth. I will make it very clear to everyone that there's people who are way more deserving of a shot. If he wants to come into the [light-heavyweight division], I'd consider him Top 15 among light heavyweights. Let's see what he'll do against a wrestler like Phil Davis. Let's see what he'd do against a wrestler like Rashad or a striker like Lyoto Machida. ... The light-heavyweight division is a completely different beast. I won't allow him to just jump the rankings with his mouth. It's not going to happen."

Jon Jones on cleaning out LHW:

"Styles make these matchups," Jones told ( when asked who might be left for him after Henderson. "Phil Davis lost to Rashad [Evans], and I beat Rashad. But that doesn't mean Phil Davis won't give me the fight of my life. Or [Alexander] Gustafsson. He's tall, I'm tall, and he's got long arms. Maybe that would be interesting to see. Or Glover Teixiera. He hits hard. Maybe that would be interesting. Styles make matchups. There's guys in my gym right now that aren't in the UFC that make me sweat and bleed. So you can't say I've cleaned out the division – because I haven't. I simply haven't."

Many people have been bashing Jon's PR awareness, but this is an intelligent statement by him. It hurts him if people see his weight class as weak. So him saying the weight class isn't cleaned out and trying to make it seem like anyone has a chance is a smart play.

I'd highly recommend you read the rest of the article.

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