The Silva Hypetrain

I am a huge Anderson Silva fan, i love to see him run through guys, i loved his last ditch effort sub of Cheal in their first fight.


I am tired of him (or his repersentation, which speak for him, some times people say "until i hear it from Silva its not true" which is Bullshit....but thats another rant...) trying to dictate who he fights. I understand that he wants big money paydays and a worthy competitor. However at some point your name and past fight history needs to drive hype itself

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When i think of GSP, not once in his last 8 fights did i think there was any chance he was going to lose. I bought the PPV because i love to watch him fight! i don't care who he fights, as long as he is fighting i will watch the fight.

I firmly believe that as the champ you fight the next guy up. Dana and Joe can decide who that is, it doesn't really matter as they will get their asses handed back to them. sure maybe one guy is a better or worse match up, but does anyone think there is a serious threat in the division? if there was we would all agree that that fighter is the #1 contender.

Here is my $.02

Either fight the next guy up or surrender the belt.

i don't care if he retires or moves weight classes to fight in "super fights". Just don't hold up a division and/or waste the last few years of your glorious career arguing who is worthy of fighting you, because you will kick the sweet jumping batman out of everyone at MW right now. If Silva is as good as he thinks he is, then he should have no problem making money on his name value alone. Hell, the UFC doesn't even need to lie to us and try to hype up the other guy, just promote Silva by showing his destructive wins (and bury some of the terrible fight....)

i may just be rambling at this point

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