Strikeforce: Kaufman vs Rousey - A Gambling Preview

If you like money, then don't gamble on Mixed Martial Arts. Just don't do it. Only three things can happen. 1. You lose money, 2. You win money, gain confidence, and then lose a lot of money, or 3. Become Art Schlichter.

It's an unpredictable sport. Anything can happen in four ounce gloves (see: Serra vs GSP, UFC 69). Saying you can make a living or even a decent, consistent profit through betting on MMA is the equivalent of saying Jake Shields is going to have an entertaining fight. It's just not going to happen.

Nevertheless, if you are a person that wants to make a sub-par Strikeforce card that features more mismatches than boxing undercard a little more intriguing, then by all means, put some money down.

There aren't many enticing lines (I'm using the odds posted by Burke on the front page) on the Strikeforce: Kaufman vs Rousey card, but there are a few underdogs that I would definitely jump on.

One line I really like is Roger Bowling at +250 against Tarec Saffiedine. Saffiedine is the more technically sound fighter of the two, but Bowling's aggressive nature on the feet could get him his hand raised. In his fight against Tyler Stinson, Saffiedine struggled early when Stinson controlled the pace, and I suspect Bowling will do just that. As long as Bowling doesn't get tagged on the feet or put on his back, he could definitely pull off the upset.

I'm staying away from the main card, but I could see why the Kaufman line (+475) against Ronda Rousey could be attractive. Granted Rousey has a huge advantage on the ground, Kaufman has that same margin of advantage on the feet. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of questions surrounding Rousey like how she will fair as the fight wears on and whether the microscope she has been under recently will have a negative impact in her in-cage performance.

Random Prop Bet I Made Up: Over/Under - Amount of Ronda Rousey stories that pop up from right now on various MMA sites, until the bell time tonight that have nothing to do with Mixed Martial Arts. I'll set it at 48.5

As I said before, the main card looks like a big black hole that will suck in your money if you put some on the underdogs. So in order to combat that, I present to you my Take Advantage of Strikeforce's Mismatches Parlay.

Here's how it looks.

Ronaldo Souza (-475) to beat Derek Brunson, Lumumba Sayers (-350) to beat Anthony Smith, Ovince St. Preux (-610) to beat T.J. Cook, Miesha Tate (-485) to beat Julie Kedzie, and Adlan Amagov (-460) to beat Keith Berry.

I will admit that the Souza fight scares me a little bit. Souza is the much better striker and submission artist, but if Brunson comes in with a safe and cautious game-plan, he could potentially out-wrestle Jacare.

On the undercard I like Matt Ricehouse (+110) to beat Bobby Green. Green is talented, speedster, but Ricehouse will probably be able to wear down Green with his wrestling. Ricehouse doesn't have an explosive arsenal of takedowns, but his ability to grind on opponents is why I like him to beat Green.

Random Prop Bet I Made Up: Over/Under Amount of Awkward Exchanges Between Mauro Ranallo, Frank Shamrock, and Pat Miletich 343.5

The final line that I would jump on is Hiroko Yamanaka at +140 against Germaine de Randamie. Randamie has explosive stand-up arsenal, but that is basically all she bring to the table. Yamanaka, an experienced fighter, should be able to expose that and get the fight to the ground.

Randon Prop Bet I Made Up: Ronda Rousey arm-bars Heidi Androl in a pre-fight interview +875

As I leave you, let me remind you that betting on MMA would lead to fortune. The only thing that it will do is make the events more entertaining. Drinking loads of alcohol will also have the same effect, and it is actually probably cheaper.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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