Strikeforce: Rousey Vs, Kaufman Staff Picks And Predictions


Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman

Brent Brookhouse: I'm writing this after almost everyone else, so I'll keep it short since everyone already covered my thoughts. Kaufman isn't likely to get a stoppage with strikes, she can win on the feet but she can't get the stoppage. That means Rousey will be able to get her hands on her and get it to the ground and get the submission. I'll go ahead and assume that Kaufman can get it to round 2 because I think she's a hell of a fighter. Ronda Rousey by submission, round 2.

Fraser: It's so tempting to write Rousey, armbar, R1 and just walk away. But at some point, that's not going to be how a Ronda Rousey fight ends. The question is, is this the fight that breaks the streak? Kaufman has good hands, and that's a potential area of weakness for Rousey, but she's also not a one punch KO kind of fighter. I suspect Kaufman will get her hands on Rousey, but Ronda will close the distance, grab that clinch, and, well... Ronda Rousey via armbar, round 1

David Castillo: Even though Kaufman is a legitimate contender, she's just not a good fight for Rousey. Sarah isn't a power puncher, and relies on volume to wear opponents down. It's the perfect style for Ronda, and given that Sarah has been taken down before (even judo tossed before), it's safe to assume Rousey again wins by armbar. The Cyborg fight is still the fight to make, and it's the only one I can see Rousey losing. Ronda Rousey by Armbar, round 1.

Mookie: Rousey, armbar, round 1. (Walks away)

Dallas Winston: Well summed by Fraser and Castillo. Kaufman has solid hands but she'll either have to go all Machida for the entire fight or break form and load up on power shots, the latter of which leaves her even more susceptible to Rousey's nightmare hip tosses in the clinch. Ronda Rousey by submission.

Tim Burke: Strikeforce picks don't count towards the standings, so...BC REPRESENT! Esquimalt up in this mutha (sort of)! Ronda's goin down! Sarah Kaufman by KTFO!

Staff picking Rousey: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Brookhouse, Grant
Staff picking Kaufman: Tim

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman

Ronaldo Souza vs. Derek Brunson

Brent Brookhouse: Brunson's striking has been SO bad. During his fight with Nate James, Twitter was exploding with comments about how amateurish his striking is. Jacare's striking isn't incredible or anything, but it's way better than Brunson's. What's that leave Brunson with? Going to the ground with Jacare? Yeah. Good luck. Ronaldo Souza by submission, round 1.

Fraser: I'm interested to see how Jacare deals with Brunson's strength, but I don't think that will be enough to get Brunson by here. Jacare has improved his striking over the years, and he's got plenty of experience outgrappling guys who are stronger than him. Ronaldo Souza by submission, round 2

Mookie: I originally tried to justify this being a competitive fight. Scrap that. Jacare is just too good for Brunson, who will probably put up a respectable effort, but there's no way he isn't getting submitted. Worst case scenario is this goes the distance, and at that point you get up and leave the room. Jacare by submission, round 1.

David Castillo: I'm pretty sure this card will break the all time record for shortest MMA event ever (keep in mind that includes karaoke night at Billy Bobs). it's possible Brunson makes this fight longer than it needs to be if Jacare wants to stand and trade, but he'd be wise to take a page out of Rousey's book and just armbar his opponent as quick as possible. Ronaldo Souza by submission, round 2.

Dallas Winston: This will be a good measuring stick for Jacare's wrestling and Fight I.Q. Brunson is no slouch but it takes an elite grappler to even survive Jacare's frenetic ground assault but the sub-master hasn't always been able to enforce it. Brunson will come in game and well-coached but this should be too big of a step for him. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza by submission.

Tim Burke: Yes, Brunson isn't that good. He can wrestle, but that's about it. I really don't think Jacare gets the sub in a three-round fight though. Jacare Souza by decision.

Staff picking Jacare: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Brookhouse, Grant, Tim
Staff picking Brunson:

Roger Bowling vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Brent Brookhouse: I feel like going against the grain, which means I'm probably wrong. But I like Bowling's aggression and I think Saffiedine can be a little bit too passive. Roger Bowling by decision.

Mookie: Bowling is super fun to watch but Tarec is better than him at pretty much everything. Saffiedine by decision.

David Castillo: Just to reiterate in my preview, Tarec will find openings, and won't take chances: a recipe that won't bode well for Bowling. Tarec Saffiedine by Decision.

Dallas Winston: Saffiedine is too composed, calculating and diverse, and he's been in with the big dogs and handles aggressive pressure well. His footwork and precision will enable him to side-step Bowling's flurries and undress him with counters. Tarec Saffiedine by decision.

Tim Burke: I'm actually a fan of Bowling and would love to see him win this. But I don't know how. Tarec has a great chin and a much better overall game. If Bobby Voelker could exploit that, Sponge should be able to as well. Tarec Saffiedine by decision.

Staff picking Bowling: Brookhouse
Staff picking Saffiedine: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Tim

Lumumba Sayers vs. Anthony Smith

Fraser: Sayers is the more complete MMA fighter, but I don't think that much matters, as Smith will want to slug it out and prove he's the better striker. Unfortunately, I don't think he is, and Sayers will get his power in through Smith's open defense to shut him down. Lumumba Sayers, KO, round 1

David Castillo: Anything can happen in a fight, and this fight is bound to test that principle but I like Sayers in this one. Plus I like that he didn't need to submit Scott Smith, but saw the opening and took it. I don't expect a submission, but I do expect a finish. Lumumba Sayers by KO, round 2.

Dallas Winston: Sayers is legit and I just don't see Smith presenting much of a threat here. I'm a little curious why this match is on the main while Tate vs. Kedzie gets buried on the undercard. Lumumba Sayers by TKO.

Tim Burke: I don't think Sayers is all that great, but he's way better than Smith. Lumumba Sayers by TKO, round 1

Staff picking Sayers: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Brookhouse, Grant, Tim
Staff picking Smith:

T.J. Cook vs. Ovince St. Preux

Brent Brookhouse: OSP should NEVER have been put in with Mousasi. Some guys have their confidence wrecked by that kind of bad matchmaking, others are able to learn and get better. I'm going to assume OSP is good enough to beat Cook, but I think they may have set him back a little bit.

David Castillo: Even though I'm a little cool on OSP since he basically got destroyed by Mousasi, he's easily better than Cook, who will look to keep it on the feet and rely on his guts to achieve victory. Talent beats guts in this one. Ovince St. Preux by TKO, round 1.

Dallas Winston: Cook has punching power that OSP must be wary of and not overlook, but his physicality and burgeoning skill should get him back in the win column -- as long as he doesn't take this fight lightly. Ovince St. Preux by submission.

Tim Burke: OSP. Yeah you know me. Ovince St. Preux by submission, round 2.

Staff picking Cook:
Staff picking OSP: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Brookhouse, Grant, Tim

Miesha Tate vs. Julie Kedzie

Brent Brookhouse: People are overlooking that Showtime wants to attract people to the Showtime Extreme undercard fights. Tate and Kedzie is a good fight to pull people over there. It's not like it's on a channel nobody gets, as far as I know you get Extreme if you get Showtime on every major carrier. This fight is a good chance to try to make sure people are watching the prelims. Miesha Tate by decision.

David Castillo: A fight that belongs on the main card, in part (not just because Tate lost her title just one fight ago) because I think it will be a good fight. Kedzie is a scrappy girl, and Miesha, despite how far she's come can sometimes fight to the level of her competition. Still. Miesha Tate by submission, round 3.

Dallas Winston: It sure seems like if there was ever a card to squeeze two female bouts onto the main, this'd be it. Kedzie's a gamer but I don't think her takedown and submission defense can withstand a motivated Miesha. Miesha Tate by submission.

Tim Burke: I personally don't think it should be on the main card, because I think it's going to be kinda boring. I'd be surprised if Tate got the finish. I think it's just gonna be three rounds of Miesha on top of Kedzie, not being able to get much of anywhere. Miesha Tate by decision.

Staff picking Tate: Fraser, Mookie, David, Dallas, Grant, Brookhouse, Tim
Staff picking Kedzie:

Bobby Green vs. Matt Ricehouse

Dallas Winston: I'm not sure why Ricehouse has been absent since November of last year, but he's a promising talent despite his lack of experience. Though Green's nod over James Terry was a little suspect, his quickness and wrestling should be a handful for Ricehouse. Bobby Green by decision.

Tim Burke: Bobby's the better wrestler and he hits harder. If he can avoid getting subbed from the bottom somehow, he's got this. Bobby Green by decision.

Staff picking Green: Mookie, Dallas, Grant, Tim
Staff picking Ricehouse: Fraser, Brookhouse

Adlan Amagov vs. Keith Berry

Brent Brookhouse: Why is this happening? I guess we just hope for a really cool knockout. Adlan Amagov by TKO, round 1.

Fraser: This fight is silly. Amagov was on a 10 fight undefeated streak and looking quite good before the loss to Lawler - and despite some people being down on Ruthless these days, I think there's no shame in a loss to him. Berry? 1-4 in his last 5. I guess sometimes you need to build a guy back up, but this is pretty lopsided. Adlan Amagov, KO, round 1

Tim Burke: Murder. Death. Kill. Adlan Amagov by KO, round 1.

Mookie: Amagov by violence of some sort.

Dallas Winston: Hard to disagree with the scholars above. The Russian, who's been training with the Jackson/Winklejohn team, tees off with a spinning hook kick. Adlan Amagov by TKO.

Staff picking Amagov: Fraser, Mookie, David, Grant, Dallas, Brookhouse, Tim
Staff picking Berry:

Germaine de Randamie vs. Hiroko Yamanaka

David Castillo: Yamanaka is probably the better figher, but De Randamie, with her kickboxing background, should be able to keep it on the feet just long enough to light her up. In female MMA, it's the specialists that have the best chance to win, and de Randamie is a specialist through and through. Germaine de Randamie by TKO, round 1.

Dallas Winston: De Randamie has killer Muay Thai and left kickboxing with a perfect 48-0 record and a pile of championships. However, her transition to MMA has been pretty disappointing: while her two losses are to high-level opposition, her two wins were bottom-barrel material. Yamanaka has barely a semblance of striking defense; her hands are too wide, her chin isn't tucked and she moves straight forward. However, she's a cagey grinder and Cyborg, an absurdly unparalleled striker, was the first fighter to TKO her. Even though Yamanaka will still have to worry about knees in the clinch if she can close distance, I'll take the wily vet for the upset. Hiroko Yamanaka by decision.

Tim Burke: De Randamie is great on the feet. Awesome, except for the the fact that she's probably going to get put on her back. Hiroko Yamanaka by decision.

Staff picking de Randamie: Fraser, Mookie, David, Brookhouse
Staff picking Yamanaka: Grant, Dallas, Tim

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