3 Changes I'd Make About Judging

Judging, one of the few subjective parts of Mixed Martial Arts, is a subject that is discussed ad nauseum by fans of the sports. It's a controversial topic that everybody has an opinion about. While I agree with bits and pieces of different hypothetical systems and scenarios, there are three major changes to judging that I would make.

The Value of A Round

The biggest pitfall of judging a fight is the way rounds are scored. It's insane to think that a round where a winner could be argued either way would garner the same score as a round where the victor is clear. That's why I believe the ten point must system should be used more, and judge's should be implored to utilize more. Here is how I would redo the scoring system.

10-10 - A draw, self-explanatory, too close to call.

10-9 - A round where the winner won in close fashion and it could be argued that the other fight was victorious or that the round was a draw.

10-8 - A round where the winner of it cannot be debated in the slightest.

10-7 - The winner of the round was dominant, and the loser of the round did nothing.

10-6 - Multiple moments of the fight where the winner nearly finished the loser of the round.

The rest of the ten point must-system can be used at the judge's discretion.

One tidbit, altering the numerals of how a fight is scored (half-point system) is not going to fix any problems because all you are doing is changing the ratio of the numbers.

Live Scoring

How has this not happened yet? It would so much excitement to the fights as it would add context to how important the last couple of rounds could be. For instance, what if we knew Edgar/Henderson were even across the board in the fifth round - and they knew as well? That final round would be phenomenal.

Judging Accountability

One single, incorrect decision could alter a fighter's career. Poor judges should be held accountable. I don't necessarily how the system would work, but every scorecard by a judge should be evaluated.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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