Bas's Comment on TRT

For those of you that have seen my previous posts, I am a doctor and founder of a new website In order to promote my site, I have an agreement with the administators of BE to allow me to post some of my stuff here in order to gain fans of my site as well as to allow some discussion on BE.

This means please do not go and copy what I have on and post it here. The administrators and I have an understanding.

I just posted an interview with Bas Rutten which I hope you go check out.

However, there has been a lot of talk about TRT on here lately and I have contributed some knowledge to the discssion.

Bas had some thoughts on TRT, so I decided to share them here as well.

Here is what he had to say:

"It’s cheating now that I think about it. Listen, a guy like Quinton Jackson, who was injured (really injured, not like other excuses), and he used it to heal faster, I am OK with that. But at that time I also was in the understanding that people just stayed under the level of a regular person. Later I found out you can get 6 times that level of a regular person. I don’t think that’s good. In that particular case, Quinton did it a long time before his fight and just for his knee. Later he didn’t do it. Other guys just do it to get an edge. I don’t like that. In general I would say right now, “NO”."

I am interested in what the other guys who have been posting about TRT have to say about this.

Does anyone know exactly what Rampage said he used it for?

Again, I am trying to start discussion here on BE as well as create fans for my new site where I hope to bring the MMA and medical communities together.

If you have a chance, please check out the rest of Bas' interview (not posted here because its not about TRT) on

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