Dana F'n White: The Interview

We're joined by Dana White today to discuss a variety of topics, from PPV buyrates, to UFC on FOX ratings, PEDs and fighters moving weightclass.

Interviewer: So Dana, a low gate and estimated low buyrate for last nights UFC 150 event, would you put that down to fan apathy at the main event, burn out from 4 Pay Per Views in 7 weeks, or a general trend in declining buyrates this year?

Dana: Well, fuckin, first off this year we've had the best year ever for Pay-Per-Views if you take into account the fuckin economy, ok? And fuckin, injuries man. Every day something bad happens man. This event? This event it was those fuckin shootings man, they fucked us. And wildfires, those too. And fuckin, squirrels. The squirrel union fucked us bro.

Interviewer: Do you think the UFC on FOX events are detracting from your PPV business?

Dana: No listen, bro, we love FOX ok? Fox are amazing, this is the best TV deal for the UFC and our ratings are the best ratings ever.

Interviewer: Actually, the ratings for the recent shows are lower than...

Dana: Bro, you guys don't fuckin understand ratings, ok? It might look low to you, but that's because you don't understand fuckin neilsen boxes, and demographics and shit. Trust me, in the 18-24, straight guido male with more than 1 tattoo demographic we are KILLING it, we're outdrawing fucking NFL and shit bro. We're delighted with our ratings and so are fox. Those 80 people who watch our Fuel events... Bro, before UFC Fuel was getting TWENTY viewers, we've fucking quadrupled viewership. You think the NFL ever quadrupled viewership on a channel, bro?

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Interviewer: So with Last nights main event, who did you think won?

Dana: I, uh, listen i'm not a judge. That was a close fight and I had it even going into the last round, but like I always say, you can't leave it in the hands of the judges, if you don't want to be the guy up here going "I thought I won" then you need to finish the fight, you know?

Interviewer: After the fight it looked like you said to Benson "you won that fight" Is that how you feel now?

Dana: Uh... I said... you know, I'm not a judge man. It doesn't matter what I think, or who I think won the fight, bro. I'm not a judge... Do I look like a judge to you? You think Cecil Peoples can Bench 315lbs bro? These fuckin judges... they've never fought in their life, how are they meant to judge a fight? I trained full contact boxercise 5 days a week bro, you think Tony Weeks could boxercise? I think we need more boxercise instructors as judges.

Interviewer: Ok, do you think with 2 losses in a row now that Frankie should move down to 145lbs?

Dana: I like seeing guys fight at their natural weightclass, and I think frankie should be fighting at 145lbs. I'm not going to make him do it though, I don't force fighters to move weightclass. I just offer them shitty contracts and blackball them from title fights till they do what I want. I think Frankie would be a beast at 145lbs bro, till he loses a couple, then he'd be a beast at 135lbs. But look, it's up to Frankie, me and Frankie will sit down and work out what he wants to do from here, I'll offer him really shitty fights at 155lbs and he'll either take them or do what I want, it's 100% his decision.

Interviewer: Tim Sylvia has been getting a lot of fan support on twitter about returning to the UFC, what would he have to do to get back?

Dana: Look, I always listen to the fans on twitter, except when they say something I don't like, cause then it's those internet dweebs and not actual fans. Fuck the internet man. Look I like Tim, and Tim just has to win another 16 or 17 fights in a row to get back, or beat 3 top 10 guys in a row, you know, the usual stuff guys have to do to get into the UFC. Seriously I like Tim, I hope he pulls it off.

Interviewer: What's your opinion on the drug testing in MMA and TRT?

Dana: You know what man? I think TRT is fucking cheating. It's steroids and if it was up to me it'd be banned, man. I hate steroids, I would never touch them, except to bench press 315lbs. That's the only time steroids are acceptable. Or if the UFC doctor says you can do them. I think if the UFC doctor says you can take steroids that's ok, you know?

People keep asking me about this fuckin drug testing in the UFC - look man, we don't have the time to do that shit. That's up to the commissions, they have to do the testing. We already do more than any other organisation when it comes to testing, we test guys before we sign them, then we hold seminars on how to get your steroids LEGALLY so you don't get busted, we even consider giving guys title shots after being popped for steroids, that's fuckin... that's pro-active man. We're super tough on steroids, we don't consider give guys title shots till a few days AFTER their suspensions are up.

Interviewer: Last question Dana, where do you see the UFC in 5 years?

Dana: I've been saying this all along bro, and fuckin people are just starting to realise i'm right now, we're going to be bigger than soccer bro. We're going to be bigger than Soccer and the NFL and the olympics combined. We're going to fuckin have 5 events a day in every country in the world bro, we're already taking over China. China fucking loves MMA bro, we do gangbuster numbers in china, We had like a million viewers for our last event, that's like, fuckin, 70% of the population of China who have TVs bro. UFC is huge in China, we're going to go there and sell out a 200,000 person stadium with that kid, that Chinese kid who fights for us... whats his name... chang chin? Chong Chen? That kid, he's a star over there man. When he goes home his entire FAMILY comes out to greet him, 6 or 7 people just SWARMING him, it's insane bro.

Joe Rogan told me about some dudes who want to start a colony on Mars, we're going to do that. We're going to take over mars dude. We're going to be the biggest sport in the fuckin solar system, ok? You think the NFL is going to Mars? You think boxing is going to mars? Boxing is too busy killing itself to go to Mars, bro. Boxing is full off promoters being leeches and sucking all the money out of the sport, bro. They don't give back, that's why boxing is dying and UFC is going to be the biggest sport in the world, because we give back to the fighters. Anyway I gotta go bro, i need to take my private helicopter to see Nik Lentz in his shitty 1 star Florida hostel. Shit's crazy busy.

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