Better Run and Hide, Benson Handersen is a BAD-ASS...


What in this fuckin world were the judges watching last night, i cant even begin to explain how pissed off i am

How can Benson wear that belt with pride after that shit show last night- Benson absolutely lost 4-1. I hate scoring fights, to this day, i have never scored 112 and i never will

You just know when a fighter is gonna get the nod. If you have any vision you saw what happened last night.

All of you who saw Benson winning, are the same who saw BJ winning that night of Ufc 112. Sorry guys but the fight last night was a lot more lob sided than that. You should be furious, i am very...Penn was never dropped repeatedly

FELLAS + real fans, that know a fight when they see one, this was the end of that disastrous beginning of rematching, yes no more

I do not care to see Cowboy-Benson III or Benson-Pettis 2 for the title...

Wait then, don't have to

diaz is comin back to bust Bensons bitch braided ass

Just when it seems rematches are favoring the ANSWER, the judges decisions bite him in the ass.

The way i feel this should have been handled follows-

Edgar should have fought someone else instead of Benson last night due to the massive amount of damage to the face he took in their first match back at Ufc 144- From there, the fighter gets the feeling as if he didn't do enough= a newly lit fire under the anus area

Example: Edson Barboza with the spinnin ninja shit on the prelims, possible K.O of the year

and he went back to the prelims from there, i thought myself he(BBoza)deserved something like a co-main or main slot on FX vs Pettis or someone else at the time

He got Varner and got smashed- makes me wonder if in fact he was surprised he didn't get more attention and promotional praise for his work(Bboza)

If i guy has a great showing, doesn't get a promotion to the Main card or PPV, he must feel like he didn't get enough praise for his work...

If Ufc would get it right they would not have so much controversy, if edgar would have regained his momentum and beat a Clay Guida, he could have smashed Benson with more time...

Either way this whole fiasco of rematches and decisions has officially come to an end

any last thoughts anyone?

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