BECW4: UFC 150 Open Thread



Welcome, recruits. As you know, another season of war lies ahead. We've seen some great squadrons defeat their enemies already with the K-1 Level Predictions Team, Intellegent Northern England Picking Team, and Beta Males all winning their respective battles in each season. But 12 new groups of volunteers stand ready to bleed for the glory and go down in the BECW history books as the superiors of their peers. Will you be one of them?

By the way, we're having a lot of BECW fanposts lately with the transition in between seasons, and Spam will be putting up another one sometime tomorrow or whenever that will include the draft recap and first event recap as well. So don't rec this fanpost, just wait and rec Spam's, he'll be putting far more work into his than this little thing I'm typing up, and we don't need to dominate the recommended fanpost section.

It's a decent night of fights so far, with Bendo vs. Frankie headlining, and Bendo is never in a dull fight. Guillard vs. Cerrone should be a fun fight, and if not, there's always a potential JUST BLEED WAR with Holloway/Lawrence and what could be a really fun grappling exchange between Shields and Herman. Here's how the whole card breaks down.


In the Ketchup Division, Season 3 Night of the Living Death captain Violent Newt's team squares off against a team led by the Season 3 Champions' captain, Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist. Silver medalist captain in season 3 wonderfulspam takes on debut captain Tim Bernier.

The Intellegent Division has 3 brand new captains. POW will make his debut at captaining a team against benten20 who led his team to a 4th place finish last season. New captains sklart and Sweet Scientist will also face off.

The Sexysassy Division features a battle between badass fight picker, former member of the season one champs, and new captain lanky6 against um... It's my captain, I have to say something good about him, the very technologically savvy kreally. My team has an advantage though, seeing as how KZ-fucking-SP decided he wasn't going to make picks for the very first event of the season. What the fuck dude? You'll be lucky if lanky even wants to keep you aboard now. You have fallen to Subo levels. Fucking Subo levels. Let that marinade a while. ZSP is clearly exposed (Spam told me to say that last sentence). It's bad enough that my team member GreyedOut didn't pick for the Shields/Herman fight, but damn man, way to set the bar low, guy with the ridiculously long name. Anyways, everyone's favorite Horse fucker who has a history of captaining subpar teams is up against debuting 19miles tonight as well.

And the moment you've all been waiting for, Spam's live spreadsheet is HERE. Picks breakdown is HERE. Everyone's team names are listed on the first one, even the proposed SO BILL NAI for kreally's team since he can't make up his mind.

Oh, and since some people can't behave in the other open threads each night, I'll save stank bref the trouble of flexing his muscles and tell you all myself to "play nice" or some shit. There's a golden rule that applies to pretty much every situation in life - don't be a dick. That is all.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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