BECW Season 4 Info: Still spots left, anyone* can join | 1 Captain spot left | Grand Prix Final preview


Following three successful seasons of +11s, trash talk, hot bouts, ragequitting and endless spreadsheets, the BE Civil War is gearing up for another 10 picktastic events. With only a handful of spots left, this is your final chance to get in on the action and become part of the cool crowd. Here is the information you need:

Is it a lot of work?

No. All you need to do is register your picks on MMA Playground 10 events in a row. Anything above and beyond that - including trash talking, exchanging picks & thoughts via e-mail with your teammates and participating in the live posts - is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Can I play?

Most likely, yes. We've had issues in the past with pick missers so we've set a minimum of 500 BE comments for new players. We also request that new players have at least one set of picks under their belts. If you haven't done so already, please go ahead and create a profile on MMA Playground (pick a name as close to your SB Nation moniker as possible) and get your picks in for this Saturday's UFC on Fox events.

If you don't have 500 comments but still want in, send an e-mail anyway and make a case for why you should get to play. If you have 10+ events' worth of experience, for example, you'll get a spot.

I want in! How do I sign up?

Send an e-mail to the gmail address named becivilwar with your BE/SB Nation and MMA Playground profile names in the subject line.

Captain Signups

11 players have registered their wish to become captains and a further two have said that they are willing to step in if nobody else signs up. This means that there is still one spot left if someone really wants it. Sound out in the comment section, please! Here is the current list of captains:


Tim Bernier
Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist
Violent Newt
Horselover Fat


Our Bovine Public

Grand Prix Final Round Preview

With 9 events in the book, only one set of matchups is left before we can crown a winner of the inaugural BECW Grand Prix and Bland Prix. Here are the final matchups and what is at stake:

Grand Prix Final: #1 Beta Males (8-1) vs. #3 Wario Yamasaki's Stand-Up Guys (7-2)

In six out of nine weeks - including the past four - Beta Males have registered a top 2 team score. All but one of PFP's players have posted above-average scores through nine events and five of them are in the individual top 15. Their opponents in the Final are the steady and sometimes spectacular Wario who won their division by a single point followed by a crushing defeat of Randy Couture's Dirty Boxers and a narrow semi-final win over benten's Poor Decisions. If the two teams had played each other every week, Beta Males would surprisingly only be ahead by one game ... can Wario beat the odds or will the dominant Beta Males crown their fine season with a win in the only matchup that matters?

Grand Prix 3rd Place Playoff: #5 Off Constantly (5-4) vs. #7 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Cecil Peoples (3-6)

Two Gotch Division teams that made the playoffs thanks to late-season heroics battle it out for the 3rd place spot. With a 1-5 record after the first six events, nobody expected benten's Decisions to make the playoffs. Following their upset win against early favourites We Toquinho they suffered a close defeat to Wario (had Court McGee got the decision, TIPDOCP would have made the final) but return to take on Off Constantly, who finished the regular season with the lowest points total in their division but still made the playoffs thanks to some key victories. Who will claim the bronze medal?

Grand Prix 5th Place Playoff: #2 We Toquinho (6-3) vs. #8 Team Precise Precision (5-4)

Early standouts We Toquinho look to beat kreally's TPP who unceremoniously crashed out of the playoffs courtesy of Beta Males. This will be the final hurrah for several Toquinhos as captain gspmademegay (RIP) among others have announced their (temporary?) retirement. Meanwhile, kreally will want his team to finish the season with a strong performance as he gears up for another season in charge of a terrible team.

Grand Prix 7th Place Playoff: #4 Night of the Living Death (5-4) vs. #6 Randy Couture's Dirty Boxers (3-6)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Following a strong start to the season, Newt's Living Death completely ground to a halt as they suffered consecutive defeats to Wario and lost both their playoff games. LOL. If they are to salvage anything from this trainwreck of a second half of the season, they'll have to beat Horselover's Dirty Boxers who were average throughout the season and only barely made it into the playoffs, promptly losing handily to Wario.

Bland Prix Final Round Preview


Bland Prix Matchup 1: Rampage's School of Ragequitting (3-6) vs. As Real As It Gets (1-8)

The worst team of the season faces the angriest team as Tim Burke's ARAIG look for consecutive wins. Given that the Ragequitters are likely to have several voluntary pick missers, ARAIG should have the win in the bag.

Bland Prix Matchup 2: Patak's Chili Pickles (5-4) vs. Jon Jones' PR Agency (3-6)

While unlikely, there is still a chance the PR Agency could claim the Bland Prix Trophy AKA the Subbevil Memorial Trophy AKA The Subo Bowl. The Pickles have looked solid in the Bland Prix and should finish the season in 8th place.

There you have it. LETS PICKERFUKERS

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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