MMA Knockout Derby

Today was the annual MLB Home Run Derby, and boy do I miss steroids in baseball. The Derby got thinking. Thinking about what the MMA equivalent to a home run derby would be, and the closest comparison I could make would be a knockout derby.

Obviously there wouldn't be enough morons that would be willing to be beaten into coma to actually have a full-fledged competition, but just the concept of a knockout competition would be a fun one.

Let's envision the goal is to knock out as many zombies as possible in an allotted time Walking Dead-style.

So that brings the question, if you had to make a team of five fighters whose goal was to garner as many knockouts as possible, who would you choose? Here would be my five choices.

I'd have to start the team off with Alistair Overeem (15 KOs). That horse meat sure has done Overeem good. He has knocked out four of his last opponent in the first round, and he has Thor-like power in his fists and knees. Ubereem has so much power that a flick would likely lead to a knockout on some of the nimbler zombies.

Staying in the heavyweight division, I'd have to take Shane Carwin (7 KOs) as well. If there is one fighter that has more power than Overeem it's Carwin. His fists resemble a lunch box that holds multiple lunch boxes, and they hit like a family of freight trains. What Carwin lacks in accuracy and speed, he makes up for in raw power.

My next choice would have to be Vitor Belfort (14 KOs). What sells me on Belfort is his hand speed. Four of his last five wins come by way of knockout, and the reason is because of his great quickness. Add Belfort's power to his speed, and you've got one heckuva combination for securing knockouts.

Fourth on the line-up is Bellator featherweight Marlon Sandro (7 KOs). Although in recent fights Sandro hasn't knocked his opponents out, his string of knockouts in Sengoku showed me enough to put him out there. His brutal KOs showcased his power, and he also has great speed and accuracy.

Finally, my wild card pick to round out the group is kickboxer turned MMA fighter Jorgen Kruth (3 KOs). Kruth has serious power, and he is just awesome. Plain and simple. He looks as great as his nickname (The Last Viking). Bottom line is if there was a horde of zombies heading at you, and you just had a hundred men to pick from lined up against the wall to help you fend them off, you'd take Jorgen Kruth.

So those are my selections: Overeem, Carwin, Belfort, Sandro, and Kruth

My question is which five fighters would you guys take into a knockout derby or a zombie apocalyptic situation?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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