MMA In The Olympics

In a few weeks the 2012 Summer Olympics will begin to unfold, and it should be an epic sporting event that features several sporting competitions. Unfortunately for MMA fans, there is one sport that won't be featured. Mixed Martial Arts.

The idea of the sport being completely replicated in the Olympics is implausible due to the world's top fighters being contracted by MMA promotions.

Even if the contracts are taken out of play, it still isn't realistic to have a multi-man tournament in a few weeks. Professional fights are dangerous and lead to injury. Medical suspensions wouldn't be a possibility, they would be a guarantee. For evidence, take a look at the eight man 2011 Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix that ended in 2012.

There would also be a lack of competition. Mixed Martial Arts is a young sport, and it would likely be dominated by Brazil, USA, and the UK. There would be enough representatives from various countries around the world, but the bouts would be complete miss-matches.

Despite all of the reasons against Mixed Martial Arts becoming an Olympic sport, I still believe that MMA should be represented at the greatest sporting event in the world.

Although a lot of the luster would be lost, the only possible way for MMA to be an event in the Olympics is if the bouts were contested under amateur rules. Headgear, shorter rounds, and larger gloves should lessen the probability of injuries.

The bouts would appear more like a sparring session in the gym then a professional fight that would shorten an athlete's career and bankroll. It would also make it possible for top fighters to compete.

As far as an Olympic Trials go, the most injury-free and realistic way to conduct them is to have a try-out similar to the opening episode of some of the earlier Ultimate Fighter seasons where the fighter are evaluated by a series of work-outs in the gym.

A lot of fighters who had given up on their Olympic dream to compete in Mixed Martial Arts would have a second chance of achieving their dream by competing in the MMA in the Summer Olympics.

Below is a list of hypothetical Team of MMA fighters for various countries that represent each weight class from heavyweight to bantamweight. It's unrelated, but I didn't really know where to put it. I also have it in the way I would rank them.

Team USA: Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen, Carlos Condit, Ben Henderson, Chad Mendes, Dominick Cruz

Team Brazil: Junior Dos Santos, Mauricio Rua, Anderson Silva, Thigo Alves, Rafael Dos Anjos, Jose Aldo, Renan Barao

Team U.K.: Alistair Overeem, Jimi Manuwa, Michael Bisping, John Hathaway, Paul Sass, Ross Pearson, Brad Pickett

Team Canada: Mike Hackert, Ryan Jimmo, Nick Ring, George St. Pierre, T.J. Grant, Mark Hominick, Yves Jabouin

Team Japan: Satoshi Ishii, Tatsuya Mizuno, Yushin Okami, Kazuo Miaki, Shinya Aoki, Tatsuya Kwajiri, Takeya Mizugaki

Team Russia: Vitaly Minakov, Sultan Aliev, Alexander Shlemenko, Rashid Magomedov, Khabib Nurmagedov, Rasul Mirzaev, Azamat Gashinov

Team Sweden: Jorgen Kruth, Alexander Gutaffson, Tor Troeng, Assan Njie, Reza Madadi, Martin Svenson, Sirwan Kakai

Team Australia: Soa Palelei, James Te Huna, Kyle Noke, Ben Alloway, George Sotirpolous, Grant Blackler, Gustavo Falcioli

Here's a hypothetical Light Heavyweight tournament:

Jon Jones (USA) vs Ben Reiter (Peru)

Jan Blachowicz (Poland) vs Christian M' Pumbu (Republic of Congo)

Stanislav Nedkov (Bulgaria) vs Vladimir Matyushenko (Belarus)

Gegard Mousasi (Netherlands) vs Trevor Prangley (South Africa)

Mauricio Rua (Brazil) v Tatsuya Mizuno (Japan)

Attila Vegh (Slovakia) vs Cyrille Diabate (France)

Ryan Jimmo (Canada) v James Te Huna (Australia)

Alexander Gustafsson (Sweden) vs Igor Pokrajac (Croatia)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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