Why Sonnen's Schtick doesn't bother me

This is my first fan post, as a long time BE reader and a life long MMA fan i wanted to throw my two cents in.

On the eve of the most anticipated fight (to me) since the last time these two squared off, and seemingly everyone either loving or hating Sonnen i realize that i am pulling for Sonnen and that came as a small surprise to me. The first fight i just sat there in shock, not cheering for one or the other, as ultimately while i do have have favorite fighters, i am a fan of the MMA.

More to the point of what i am writing about. I give Sonnen a pass on all of his antics because at the end of the day, when he gets in the ring he will walk across the ring and punch Silva in the mouth. I understand he is just selling a fight, but there is something about the way he trash-talked prior to the first fight and backed it up that i can respect.

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Does the fight (end) justify the hype (means)?

As long as he doesn't lose in a quick 1st round KO or Sub, my answer is YES. I am cheering for Sonnen because i want to see a third fight between these two.

When i want to watch just skill and finesse i watch the ADCC's. I am excited for this fight because it stirs something in me that got excited the way i got excited for Ortiz and Shamrock.

This will be two men trying to destroy each other, and maybe we will see something fancy and will leave us in awe. No matter what happens i believe that Sonnen will produce a performance that will leave us discussing the events for a long time to come.

Sonne's schtick doesn't bother me because whatever he says leading up to this fight he will back up, and there is a very good chance he's going to get destroyed.

Whoever wins this fight doesn't matter, us fans of mma are the real winners.

Thank you for reading (sorry if i ramble, i didn't really think it all out before typing....)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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