Changing Views or The World Needs More People Like John Danaher's Hair

I had an idea for a FanPost months ago, combining two of my passions, by telling you all about fighters and their dogs. Mainly focusing on the fighters who supported rescue, did work for charity, and shared my same views. But also looking at the less than savory fighters who purchased $10,000 designer mutts and bred them for no apparent reason, and the fighters who might end up in Michael Vick's position some day.

In all honesty though, I've been a bit disillusioned with the community lately. I realize this is my fault, it's been pointed out to me that I am both "douchey" and "catty". The BE group has also changed a lot since 2009 when I joined, and some of my favorites, the ones that made me want to join, have since moved on. Yesterday though, I learned that both John's Danaher's Hair and Farthammer adopted dogs. Faith restored!

You see, I am a huge advocate for rescue. That beautiful girl you see in my latest pic is Daisy, a bull terrier rescue. She came to me under terrible circumstances. I found out about her while I was in Chicago for work, she was in a high kill shelter and scheduled to be put to sleep in 8 hours. I knew this dog and her previous owner. "How could this happen?" I kept asking myself as I spent the next 6 hours on the phone coordinating her rescue.


Thankfully I am well known in my small Northwoods area rescue community. The shelter director released Daisy to me without me even being in the state. I was able to have my dogsitter pick her up and bring her to my house until I was able to make it home the following day.

Then the fun started...She had no record of ever being to a vet. The only vaccination she ever received was a courtesy rabies shot done through the Native American reservation she had lived on. Off we went to the vet. Full exam, pre spay blood work and vaccinations galore. Poor thing was so scared, however she still wanted to eat the office cats, so I knew she would forgive me for putting her through that. I remember telling Daisy on the ride home that now she was all ready for her new home. I was only planning on fostering her until I could find a suitable family for her. I have a rescued pit bull female and her and Daisy didn't exactly get along, tolerated each other...maybe. I also have an adopted male dachshund and three dogs was pushing it.


The vet called me the next morning to let me know Daisy's blood work revealed kidney failure. Later I would find out it was due to untreated Lyme's Disease, but at the moment all it meant was we couldn't go ahead with her spay as planned. Now more testing was needed. At that moment, I went from her foster home to her hospice care.

I've already rambled on long enough, I won't bore you with more details, but I said goodbye to Daisy on June 21st after an amazing nine months with her. Everyone who met her, fell in love with her. Like Spuds McKenzie before her, she was a party dog, an absolute clown. The best dog I never knew I wanted, and someone I use to call a friend had thrown her away.

Maybe like Gray Maynard, there is a bull terrier for you to rescue. Chuck Liddell, once named Spike's baddest man on the planet, opted for an itty bitty chihuahua. Alan Belcher went so far as to lock himself inside a kennel at the Humane Society of Southern Mississippi to promote adoption. For Earl Monclair, Chris Hall and any other cat fans, Dan Hardy was awarded the East Lake Pet Orphanage "Kramer Award" for his stance against recreational hunting and his fostering of homeless cats.



I might still write the original FanPost and explore this in more depth, but for now I am mourning the loss of my friend. In the meantime, think about adopting, fostering or volunteering at your local shelter. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an animal find it's new home. Plus, chicks dig a guy who cares about animals.



\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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