7 Hypothetical MMA Trades

If you're a fan of team sports, then chances are you like trades. Trades are great. They give fans hope, provide material for the media (heard of that Dwight Howard fella?), and spark debates.

Imagine that the UFC could trade a fighter or package of fighters for Strikeforce's Gilbert Melendez. The MMA media would eat that up faster than Anthony Johnson would slurp down twenty hotdogs.

So let's take a trip into this hypothetical MMA world where companies could trade fighters and Brandon Vera isn't one win away from a title shot. What hypothetical trades would you like to see? Here are a few that I've already come up with.

Trade #1 Strikeforce to UFC

Gilbert Melendez for Hector Lombard and Melvin Guillard

Everybody wants to see Gilbert Melendez in the UFC. There is no fighter in Strikeforce that I have any desire to see fight Melendez. *Cut to Pat Healy sobbing in a corner* Melendez to the UFC was a no-brainer, but what could the UFC send Strikeforce's way to make them inclined to accept giving away their top fighter.

I present you Hector Lombard and Melvin Guillard, two fighters that could become huge stars under the Strikeforce banner. They don't have elite-level talent, but it doesn't matter because of their fighting styles. Let Lombard and Guillard record some highlight reel KOs against some of the Strikeforce scrubs and their hype trains will return to the station.

Trade #2 Bellator to Strikeforce

Eddie Alvarez (One fight) for Robbie Lawler and Ryan Couture

With Strikeforce looking for a legit challenger for Gilbert Melendez, *Cut to Pat Healy still crying in a corner* Eddie Alvarez would be an excellent acquisition. Alvarez is a premier lightweight talent that should fetch more than Lawler and Couture, but due to only one fight being left on his contract his trade value is limited.

Robbie Lawler has run his course in Strikeforce, but he could reinvent himself for the fifth time n Bellator much like Paul Daley has. Bellator could also groom Ryan Couture to be one of their future stars in the lightweight division.

Trade #3 Bellator to UFC

Pat Curran and Eduardo Dantas for Forrest Griffin, Gabe Gonzaga, Brendan Schaub, and Anthony Perosh

This would be a huge, blockbuster deal. Dantas and Curran are both champions in Bellator, but they could make more stars in those divisions by signing top bantamweight and featherweight prospects. The same can't be said for their decrepit heavyweight and light-heavyweight divisions.

The UFC has a need for elite level 145ers and 135ers, so Dantas and Curran would fill those needs. The gem they would give up is Forrest Griffin, but he is past his prime. He would thrive in Bellator against the weaker competition. The other three fighters would add depth to Bellator's heavier weight classes.

Trade #4 ONE FC to UFC

Bibiano Fernandes for Takanori Gomi and Cung Le

The UFC have real interest for Fernandes, and for good reason, he's a top bantamweight that would add depth to a division that lacks it. ONE FC would benefit from getting Le and Gomi because they are both fighters that have bigger names than Fernandes and would resonate with the Asian market.

Trade #5 Resurrection Fighting Alliance to Bellator

Sergio Pettis and Bubba Jenkins for Paul Daley, Brett Rogers, Marius Zamroskis and Joe Warren

Bellator would receive two fighters with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper-like upside that they could groom while RFA receives fights with names that would help add depth to their cards. It would be hard for RFA to give up elite-level prospects, but they need fighters right now that will ensure that they will be around in the next couple of years.

Trade #6 KSW to UFC to Bellator

KSW gets Quinton Jackson and Damian Grabowski

UFC get Mamed Khalidov and Ronnie Mann

Bellator gets Jan Blachowicz

Upside for KSW - Despite losing their number one fighter in Mamed Khalidov, they get a huge star in Quinton Jackson. They also receive Damian Grabowski, a polish heavyweight that would resonate with the fans and likely become a major star as well.

Upside for UFC - They don't have to worry about Rampage anymore, and they added a top middleweight as well as a featherweight that adds depth to the middle tier of the weight class.

Upside for Bellator - Grabowski and Mann have run their course with the company. Receiving Blachowicz would be huge for their shallow Light Heayvweight division.

Trade #7 Dan Henderson's chin for Andrei Arlovski's speed

The one thing Dan Henderson is going to need in his fight against Jon Jones is speed. That speed would increase the chance that Henderson could land that huge power shot on Jones. Arlovski is a talented offensive striker, but his glass chin has held him back. Henderson's chin, never been KO'd in 37 fights, would improve Arlovski greatly.

So those are a few terrible hypothetical trades that I concocted in my mind. Feel free to let me know how lame they are in as well how great you hypothetical trades are.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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