A post for the UFC...

This is a post for knowledgable and educated fans regarding Shogun/Vera.

The recent hate I've seen for Mauricio ''Shogun'' Rua on multiple forums just goes to show how uneducated and impressionable MOST mma ''fans'' are. All I've seen lately is numerous threads on how most posters don't feel a ''Shogun''/ Jones title fight is anywhere near warranted. What is wrong with most people? Can anybody realistically think for themselves as opposed to reading nonsense off of the internet and being easily persuaded and manipulated into a false way of thinking?

Where to begin? For starters, when has ''Shogun'' ever had a boring fight? For the haters, even the Jones beatdown, which was entirely one-sided anyone will admit, was something to watch as Shogun at least soldiered through what most would have succombe too long before. While on that topic, both fighters took that bout on short notice and without proper preperation. With that said, all due respect to Jon Jones for rising up to the occassion and completely blowing ''Shogun'' out of the water, it was very impressive. But also, at the time Jon Jones was still a relative unknown and flew under the radar of most mma fans and fighters, which should be noted.

At the time of that UFC 128 bout, Rua was coming off of almost a years layoff following yet another knee surgery. For most folks who have never been athletic or have never had to deal with any serious injuries, that may sound irrelevant, but quite honestly, it's not. To not only go through that procedure, rehab it to the best of your abilities, and in that same time span fight someone whom some are now calling the ''GOAT'' is not an easy task. Do you think it is? Then get after it son.

Mauricio Rua has a professional record of 20-6. In that highly impressive record of 20-6 against absolutely top competition, he has 18 stoppages. Seventeen which are by KO and one being by way of submission. With those seventeen KO's being in the first round, the first F'n round! What more could you ask of a fighter nowadays when so many new up and comers try and play the points game?

''Shogun'' is coming off of a fight which most people saw as a draw, and was called not only the greatest fight in UFC history but quite possibly the greatest fight in mixed martial arts history. ''Shogun'' was also involved in arguably the greatest fight in PRIDE history in which he waged an unforgettable war against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Later in that tournament, he went on to defeat the rest of the competitiors decisively in beating both now UFC HW contender Alistair Overeem and long time veteran Ricardo Arona in one night. With those single night victories he became the 2005 PRIDE Middleweight Champion.

Later in his career and upon arriving to the UFC, ''Shogun'' has not fought ONE fighter who was neither a current or past UFC champion, until his most recent challenge in Brandon Vera, whom most will label an underachiever but still very highly skilled. Going into his first UFC title bout, Mauricio Rua was facing a man in Lyoto Machida who was not only undefeated, but statistically was HIT once only every round and a half. That's crazy. In what was my opinion, one of the best and most technically brilliant title fight in UFC history, ''Shogun'' lost a very close and controversial descision. It was an amazing and close fight regardless of the questionable outcome.

Rua then went on to not only defeat, but Ko this once ''untouchable'', once in a lifetime karate fighter in Lyoto Machida to win the UFC LHW championship. ''Shogun's'' reign would fall short at thee aformentioned UFC 128 to the hands of future champion Jon Jones. From there, Mauricio would go on to absolutely crush Forest Griffin at UFC 134 and then on be involved in one of the most spectacular, edge of your seat fight's of all time.

With this fighter's incredible history and accomplishments, why would you not want to see him in a title fight? Do you think straight? Aside from Lyoto Machida, and soon coming Hendo, who other than ''Shogun'' do you see challenging Jones at 205? Gustafsson? Possibly in time but most certainly not now. Glover? Really? Get educated.

As for the title of this post, the matchmaking for this card is brilliant and don't think otherwise. Despite what the clowns say, this Fox card easily smashes the last two as far as name recognition and relevance in the division. Shogun/Vera has ZERO chance of being boring, along with the title implications.Aside from that, Lyoto is one of the most unique, underappreciated fighters in the sports history and also in the title hunt against another top LHW. F*%K the crybaby's, I can't wait for Saturday! Thank you both UFC and FOX!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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