Chris Weidman on Anderson Silva's Management: "It's Like They're Avoiding My Name Being Mentioned At All"


The UFC middleweight division is currently in a bit of disarray. Anderson Silva, the long time champion, seems to not have much to say lately. However, his management has certainly been doing a lot of talking. But with each mention of a challenger's name, many MMA fans are left scratching their heads as to what they are thinking.

Fighters suggested to fight Silva so far include Luke Rockhold, Strikeforce middleweight champion; Georges St. Pierre, UFC welterweight champion; Rich Franklin, former UFC middleweight champion; and most recently, Nick Diaz, former Strikeforce welterweight champion. What do each of these names have in common? None are good fights for Silva at this time. Rockhold isn't coming over from Strikeforce, GSP is coming off of an injury and has a fight scheduled, Franklin was thoroughly dominated by Silva twice, and Diaz is under suspension and is coming off a loss.

Understandably, Chris Weidman isn't pleased with this at all. He recently spoke to MMA Weekly about this issue:

It’s like they’re trying to avoid my name being mentioned at all for the title shot. They’re trying to deflect with other guy’s names so people can start thinking about them as possibilities, but even guys they’re choosing to call out like GSP or (Nick) Diaz, they’re both welterweights.

He makes some solid points here. Whether or not Anderson agrees with this or not, his management is clearly avoiding any mention of Weidman's name whatsoever. Could it be that they're trying to protect their golden boy? Maybe I'll get attacked for this, but it's pretty clear that they are.

I mean GSP, let’s start with him. The guy is coming off ACL surgery, we don’t even know for sure when he’s fighting, and when he does fight he’s fighting Carlos Condit for the welterweight title. You never know what’s going to happen and best-case scenario he could fight again around May. So if anything, fight me next, if you beat me then you get your shot with GSP. You’re just calling out a 170lber coming off ACL surgery.

Then Nick Diaz, he’s another guy he’d have a size advantage over, he’s another good name but the guy’s not going to be cleared till February. That’s just crazy. Nothing to say about me, who has proven to be the No. 1 contender. I beat two top five guys in the division in a row, and no one’s come close to doing that, especially in the fashion I did in my last fight against Mark Munoz.

Again, a solid point from Weidman. It's pretty interesting to see how vocal he is about this issue. He wants the fight with Silva, and he's shows that he's got a pretty good handle on the landscape of his division. He's up on everything, and it looks pretty clear that Anderson's management is grasping for anything possible. He has a realistic view of where he stands, and his win over Munoz should be enough to have Anderson's camp speak about Weidman, or at least not refer to him as an "amateur".

The guy’s a champion of 185, he should be fighting the contenders. You don’t call out guys that aren’t going to be able to fight forever and guys that are lighter than you. Why don’t you call out Jon Jones? That makes sense, I’m sure a lot of people would watch, I’d love to watch too. If you’re not going to fight him, fight me, I’m ready to go.

And again, yet another solid point. He looks into a matchup pretty similar to Silva vs. GSP, but where Silva would give up a size advantage. But for some reason, Anderson doesn't call for that match at all. His management continually looks for the easiest fights for him, and it's becoming very hard to deny that. Why should Anderson get to have matchups made at his management's request? I understand that money is a very big part of the issue, but just because Anderson is the champion doesn't make him or his managers the matchmakers.

I understand that a lot of people really are big fans of Anderson. But what his management is doing here, claiming such things as many up and coming middleweights being "amateurs" is pretty low. Especially when they call for fights that make even less sense. Who says that Luke Rockhold is in any way a bigger fight than Weidman is? Nick Diaz is far from being a legitimate draw, yet Anderson's camp doesn't seem so wary to call for a bout with him.

What Anderson's management needs to do is recognize the changing landscape of the middleweight division, and accept that there will be a new batch of challengers for their champion, regardless of their name value.

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