Aim For The Stars; Wind Up In The Trees.

Today brought the announcement that Nick Diaz will be returning to MMA at the conclusion of his year long suspension for violating the Nevada State Athletic Commissions substance abuse policy. His violation was marijuana.

Cesar Gracie, who has become a sort of unofficial spokesperson for Nick; at least has come as close as you possibly could to holding such a title, made the announcement via twitter, in a fairly tame statement.
Among the talking points mentioned were:

- Nick Diaz will be returning to MMA
- The suspension is being appealed, leading to a possible return in December
- Anderson Silva has mentioned GSP as a potential opponent
- Nick Diaz would fight Anderson Silva in a minute

It seems to me that the strategy that Diaz is employing is clear:

Inception. Insert himself back into the MMA narrative with ample time to get fans interested in his return before George St. Pierre fights Carlos Condit.
Unicorn. Anderson Silva will never be left in a cage with Nick Diaz and one other lucky human; ever. LOL! Calling out the best fighter in the world is intended to show the UFC that interest in Nick Diaz is at still high. The proverbial needle will move at the mention of Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva. The UFC will be re-opening the Nick Diaz file on Monday morning, if Dana White didn't call head office and demand the latest metrics immediately.
Georges. Preparing for the biggest fight of his career, his name has been mentioned by the greatest fighter in the world as a potential fight. I'm sure the thought of facing Anderson Silva has crossed the mind of Georges at least once or twice in the three weeks since Chael Sonnen spun into infamy. And along comes Nick Diaz, who GSP famously requested following UFC 137. "Sup George, I'll fight Anderson in a minute at 185."

I could hardly believe Cesar didn't throw in a don't be scared homie.

Something that I do believe is that GSP and Nick Diaz will fight in the UFC and they will fight for the welterweight championship of the world. Today only assured me of that belief.

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