Chris Weidman Expects To Fight Anderson Silva Next, Discusses Other Middleweights

July 11, 2012; San Jose, CA, USA; Chris Weidman (right) defeats Mark Munoz (left) in the middleweight bout of the UFC on Fuel TV at HP Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Weidman has been at the center of attention ever since he demolished Mark Munoz in the main event of UFC on Fuel 4 earlier this month. Some were calling for him to get a title shot against Anderson Silva based on that performance. Others (such as myself) thought he should fight another top contender first. But with all the contenders being booked in other fights, it seems like Weidman might be the guy that gets the shot. In an excellent interview with Fighters Only, he implied that he's probably next:

FO: Million dollar question - who is next for you?

Weidman: Hopefully Anderson Silva.

FO: Really?

Weidman: Hmm... I'm pretty sure... you know... there's a good chance of it happening and... yeah.

Weidman also shared his thoughts on a wide variety of other topics including fighting offensively and what he thinks has brought him to this point, but his opinion on some other middleweights and their bouts was probably the most interesting part. On Vitor Belfort vs. Alan Belcher:

I think Belfort has the edge in the first round and if it goes past that I think Belcher has the edge. So if Belcher is able to keep smart in the first round I think he eventually gets the W. But Belfort definitely is a dangerous opponent.

And on Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann:

Hmm. I think Stann is going to be looking for the knockout and I think Bisping is going to have to look to mix it up a little bit here, takedowns and footwork, not stand in his range. Potshot him a little bit. Its an interesting fight and I think either Stann knocks him out or Bisping wins the decision

After the jump, you can catch Weidman's thoughts on Rousimar Palhares and whether he thinks Bisping is overrated or not (and his answer is a little more honest than you'd probably expect).

On whether Toquinho is a 'one-trick pony':

I think the one-trick pony in him is the intimidating part because you will spend the whole camp training to avoid getting heel-hooked, then if you get heel-hooked the thought of having spent your whole camp training to avoid that is a terrible feeling.

You know what he wants to do to you and if it happens even though you've tried to prevent it you're gonna want to kill yourself. So that's the intimidating thing about him.

And does he think Bisping is underrated or overrated?

I know he is good and talented and he has faced some good guys but every time he has faced a top ten guy he has lost. Like with the Chael Sonnen fight he did awesome and a lot of people thought he could have won but he didn't find the way to win.

And I am not knocking him - I think he's a great fighter, I really do - but I question his mentality against top guys when the pressure is on. Which is pretty much what everyone says about him. He has had chances to fight for the title twice now and he doesn't come through when the pressure is on.

You know that last part is going to rile up Bisping when he hears about it. Anyway, you should definitely check out the full interview over at Fighters Only, as it goes into much more detail.

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