Suggestions For Dana White

Today Dana White is meeting with multiple UFC executives and higher-ups to discuss the future of the UFC. Surely, the UFC intended to invite me, but my invitation must have been lost in the mail. It's a shame because after the atrocity that was the UFC 149, I have my fair share of suggestions.

Uncle Dana also hasn't responded to any of my inquiries on twitter for his e-mail address, so the only place that I can give out my suggestions for him to see is here on the Bloody Elbow Fan Posts section (I'm sure Dana White checks the Fan Posts religiously).

So Dana if you will, put down the twitter, it'll be good for your blood pressure, and please take a look at this close-minded, moronic internet dweeb's suggestions.

Cut Down On The PPVs

I know. I know. This is the ninety-first time cutting down on amount of UFC shows has been suggested in the last hour, but the reason for the high frequency of suggestions is because its a real problem. Oversaturation can kill a business. Ask WCW (although shitty booking and the AOL/Time Warner merger were also big factors for the pro wrestling company's demise.)

I'm under the impression that the UFC is already locked under a contract with FOX to provide a certain amount of shows on Fuel, FOX, and FX per year, so the only events that can be lessened are the PPV broadcasts.

Before the UFC decided to run so many PPVs, a base group of UFC fans had a habit of ordering PPVs. That's the reason why the floor for UFC PPVs was pretty dang high in comparison with WWE's floor, but due to the introduction of so many more PPVs that floor for UFC PPV buy-rates is dropping dramatically. The reason is that those habitual UFC fans are breaking that habit of ordering ever PPV because they are beginning to pick and choose between the shows.

The maximum amount of UFC PPVs per year should be twelve, and honestly that could be lowered. Disagree check out how stacked these main cards would have been had two of the last four UFC PPV shows been combined.

UFC 146 + 147 - HW Title: Dos Santos (c) vs Mir, Velasquez vs Bigfoot, Wandy vs Franklin, Werdum vs Russow, Nelson vs Herman.

UFC 148 + 149 - MW Title: Silva (c) vs Sonnen, Int. BW Title: Barao vs Faber, Griffin vs Ortiz, Boetsch vs Lombard, Maia vs DHK.

The rest of my suggestions after the break.

Make A Great Fight

Making a great fight isn't groundbreaking, but there is one potential bout that would be huge that is not getting the discussion it deserves. That fight is Chael Sonnen vs Rashad Evans. Personally, I think they should have coached the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Both fighters are in similar crossroads of their career. Despite losing to Anderson Silva twice, Sonnen is still an elite fighter and is debating to move up to the 205 pound division for fresh fights while Rashad Evans is going through the same phase as he is questioning the possibility to drop down to middleweight after losing to Jon Jones.

The potential fight that would likely happen at a catch-weight would be the best non-tile PPV main event that the UFC could put on. Sonnen and Evans both know how to sell, and the countdown special would probably be tremendous.

Make A Statement

Cut Hector Lombard. The crapfest that was Boetsch vs Lombard isn't entirely Hector's fault (Boetsch's game plan was really the reason), but Lombard showcased no drive to win the fight. Make a statement to the entire UFC roster that taking a dump in the octagon won't be tolerated, and that the top guys aren't bullet-proof.

Make Another Statement

Bury Cheick Kongo on the under-card in his next fight. Hell, put his fight on Myspace. Make Kongo prove himself that he deserves to be on the PPV portion of a UFC show. If Kongo's injury threatened him losing the fight then he should have pulled out of the event, he would have been covered by the UFC insurance policy.

To all those that say Kongo was doing his job by winning the fight by any means necessarily, I have this to say to you. If every fight on the next ten UFC cards was like the Kongo/Jordan bout, Cheick Kongo wouldn't have a job because the sport would be dead.

Investigate Nick Ring's Family

In order to figure out which of theme were posing as judges last night.

Establish Fighter's Personalities

Matt Riddle came across like a million bucks during the post-fight press conference, and if he continues to win then he will probably make the UFC a lot more than a million bucks in the future. The problem is that the UFC has already had Riddle for ten fights, and his amazing, marketable personality is finally being introduced.

More stars need to be made, so that the UFC events don't seem so weak. In order to make those stars, the UFC has to showcase the personality of fighters more in order to manufacture more, marketable fighters.

Sign More Fighters

The UFC has resources to make a legitimate scouting department, and they need more fighters to fill out and make the cards more interesting. Each division has promising unsigned free agents out there that could make the UFC a lot of money. Don't think so? Here are three fighters for each division that the UFC should sign.

HW - Alexei Kudin, Tyler East, and Jared Rosholt

LHW - Steve Bosse, Jan Blachowicz, and Robert Drysdale

MW - Mamed Khalidov, Antonio Braga Neto, and Sean Strickland

WW - Jay Hieron, Brandon Thatch, and Chris Lozano

LW - Alexander Sarnavskiy, Ronys Torres, and Bubba Jenkins

FW - Doo Ho Choi, Tatsuya Kawajiri, and Jim Alers

BW - Sergio Pettis, Bibiano Fernandes, and Joe Soto

FLW - Mamoru Yamaguchi, Darrell Montague, and Jose Maria Tome

Lastly Give Me Money

Because that would be great.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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