Nate Quarry vs Kalib Starnes Was A Good Fight

I'd consider myself a bit of a novice to MMA, but I'm a quick learner. UFC 149 was actually the first MMA show that I ever watched live, and boy did it get me hooked on the sport!

I've been watching fights non stop since the PPV ended last night. Thankfully a friend of mine that actually introduced me to the site (he told me his name was mmaintelligence?), recommended quite a few of MMA's greatest fights for me to view.

After watching some of the peak bouts in MMA history (Michael Bisping vs Charles McCarthy, Michael Bisping vs Ross Pointon, and Michael Bisping vs Josh Haynes), I decided that I wanted to see the valleys in the sport, so I asked my good friend about some of the dark points in the sports' history.

I will say that he was spot on about the majority of the fights that I viewed. They were terrible. But there was one fight that I saw that I thought was stupendous. That fight was Nate Quarry vs Kalib Starnes.

When searching the web about people's takes on that fight, I couldn't believe the negativity that surrounded the fight. Granted the bout wasn't your good ol' fashioned brawl, but the fight illustrated great technique that any really MMA fan would appreciate.

Before I dig into the fight, I should preface this by saying that I am an avid cyclist and a huge fan of the sport of cycling.

The bout between Nate Quarry and Kalib Starnes at UFC 83 was a great fight. It's a shame that it didn't get the recognition it truly deserved because of how uneducated the fans were.

What Kalib Starnes exhibited in that fight was truly inspirational. Realistically, that performance by Starnes should make him a no brainer for the UFC Hall of Fame.

What most uneducated MMA fans saw in that fight was "Kalib Starnes running away from that guy on MMA Uncensored", but what Starnes did was historic. He displayed the greatest use of the technique of the back pedal, a technique that will wow any true MMA fan that understands the game of cycling.

The speed and rate at which Starnes backpedaled was mesmerizing and unreal. It's a shame that there isn't an Olympic sport for back pedaling (I'm working on it) because Starnes is a once in a life time talent.

I don't blame the MMA fans they aren't stupid, they are just ignorant. It's time for MMA fans (Dana White included) to educate themselves in all the facets of the sport, including cycling.

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