BECW3 GP Semi-Final Recap + Season 4 Sign-Ups

What's up, bitches?

The less said about last night's main card, the better. Combined with the dreadful Bellator fights in between the Killa B's Knees and Amoussou & Daley's quick finishes and you have a pretty terrible MMA weekend overall. Thank god Shogun vs. Vera is right around the corner .....

Anyway, enough negativity. For Season 4 info, jump to the bottom of the post. The Live Speadsheet is still available HERE but here's a brief recap of last night's BECW Grand & Bland Prix action:

  • Beta Males were in beast mode yet again, posting their 3rd #1 score of the season and their 6th top 2 score so far. Off Constantly put up a good fight and turned in a fine score but they were never very close to the upset.
  • In the other semi-final matchup, Wario edged TIPDOCP in a close battle. The matchup was decided almost entirely by the Ring vs. McGee fight as Wario picked up a perfect 121 points from 11 Ring UD picks. Had the decision gone McGee's way, it would have resulted in a 110 point swing that would have seen TIPDOCP through to the finals. My condolences to benten.
  • Beta Males have been the best team this season, but Wario definitely have a chance. Had the teams faced off every week of the season, Beta Males would have won 5 times while Wario would have won 4. It's also quite nice to see that the two highest-scoring teams during the entire season are the ones facing off for all the marbles.
  • Night of the Living Death collapsed some time after the halfway point of the season and haven't turned in any of their customary top performances since then. TPP took full advantage by smashing them by 64 points, posting the 2nd highest score along the way.
  • Facing off with TPP to determine the 5th/6th place will be We Toquinho who bounced back from their 1st Round disappointment to record a comfortable win over Horselover's Dirty Boxers. The Boxers will be facing Living Death to determine who finishes 7th/8th.
  • In the Bland Prix, As Real As It Gets picked up their first win of the season despite posting the second-lowest score of all teams. Meanwhile, Rampage's Ragequitters nearly picked up a victory despite three guys missing picks. Magaca and manch1ld turned in strong performances but it wasn't enough to beat Patak's Chili Pickles. Fittingly, the four Bland Prix teams turned in the four worst performances of the night.

Selected stats and christmas tree tables after the jump ...

Individual Scores, UFC 149

Rank Name Score
1 #66 manch1ld 75
2 (C) Tim Burke 73
3 #34 Brent Ducharme 71
4 #28 Sugel Mendoza 70
5 #91 thuggis 69
6 #45 StevenGiles 68
7 #23 Ak.Death 65
7 #106 Robert Cowan 65
9 (C) T.C. Engel 64
9 #31 Pookie_Gnome 64
9 #100 gxc 64
12 #90 Magaca 63
13 (C) Our Bovine Public 62
13 #3 -Neil- 62
13 #32 IvanIllich 62
13 #89 cmons 62
17 (C) wonderfulspam 61
18 #85 bonesthebaptist 59
19 #22 Dave Strummer 57
20 #69 NickaG 56
20 #110 triangled 56

Four good captain scores this week as Timmy B led his team to victory with his fine score of 73. manch1ld's 75 points were enough for 7th place on all of PG.

Individual Scores, Overall

Rank Name Score Change
1 #76 swiftman 628 -
2 #90 Magaca 595 +5
3 #71 MJB! 583 +7
4 #47 LBO 580 -1
5 #110 triangled 578 +14
5 #118 jafotinatos 578 -
7 #50 POW 577 -5
8 #54 brutalbobbyt 573 +5
8 #96 DirtyML 573 +7
10 (C) Tim Burke 569 +23
10 #91 thuggis 569 +20
12 #38 Zachary Kater 568 +5
13 #49 HurricaneHeron 567 -3
14 #22 Dave Strummer 566 +11
14 #74 clayguidashair 566 -1
16 #77 MaZZacare 565 -9
16 #86 Dangalvan 565 -6
18 #89 cmons 564 +11
19 #5 hardy's in your face 563 -1
19 #14 lanky6 563 -14
19 #48 dribblebib 563 -10

swiftman still looks untouchable in 1st place although Magaca is making an effort to catch him, jumping 5 place into 2nd place. Joining him in the top 3 is MJB! while triangled makes the top 5 following another stellar score. Tim Burke and thuggis cracked the top 10 thanks to their top 5 UFC 149 scores. Meanwhile, afrotikiman fell 19 spots and dropped out of the top 20 thanks to his dismal 23 points.

Playoff Bracket

For an overview of the playoffs, please take a look at this picture.

Final and 3rd Place Matchups

Christmas tree tables of the final and 3rd place final matchups are available HERE and HERE, respectively.

Bland Prix


With one event to go, Patak's Chili Pickles are almost definitely going to clinch first place in the Bland Prix and 9th overall. As Real As It Gets may well finish 2nd as they take on the Ragequitters in their final matchup.

Final Event Matchups

Beta Males vs Wario Yamasaki's Stand-Up Guys

3rd Place Final
Off Constantly vs The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Cecil Peoples

5th Place Final
Team Precise Precision vs We Toquinho

7th Place Final
Night of the Living Death vs Randy Couture's Dirty Boxers

Bland Prix
Rampage's School of Cuckoldry vs As Real As It Gets
Jon Jones' PR Agency vs Patak's Chilli Pickles

Season 4

Returning player signups are already well underway. Please add an X to the appriopriate column in THIS spreadsheet if you're in/out.

We'll open Prospect sign-ups soon. Currently, 9 captains are signed up with OBP willing to step in if we're one short. This means there are still 2/3 captain spots left if we're going for the same number of teams & players. Who wants in?

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