Lack of Stacked Cards

I was already writing this when I saw Tim Beirner post basically the same thing, but it It was already typed.

A problem the UFC faces today in my opinion is the lack of relevant fights on a card. Lately it seems they've tried to go the boxing route with a important hyped up main event, and less important under card. When was the last time an entire main card was incredibly stacked. I don't mean UFC 100. I just mean a card where most people were into every single fight, or 3-4 outta 5 fights.

Now some might argue that more cards are better then a few stacked ones. I disagree because as you could see from the last few evens they all have kinda. Well Kinda sucked. 32 is too many with the way the promotion runs evens as it does now.

After the jump more of my worthless opinions., and a funny wrestling video because I can link it.

32 events a year. That's at least 10 too many in my eyes. The roster is not big enough to support that many.If the UFC wants to keep up 32 events a year then the roster should be expanded and the fuel shows be more like a strikeforce challengers. Also with that many cards leaves you with having a good main event to attract buyers. Cards costing alot means you need a good headliner to entice buyers, but even with that philosophy occasionally a Wandy vs Franklin type fight headlines an event.

Another key factor injuries. The UFC has had massive injuries this year ruining all sorts of fights. This happens in combat sports, but when a string of injuries happen to a few cards in a close amount of time why not scrap a event and put together a decent one? That or put it on for free. Their was no excuse for last night that has to be said.

I would love to go back to less events with better cards. The delay hypes you up. The fights are usually better, and I think the buy rates would improve massively, but however I doubt this happens as the UFC has no competition, and if things stay the same I doubt they lose much money. The fan base it has isn't going anywhere.

Excuse my poor grammar I've been up for 2 days.

VIDEO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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