Thoughts on UFC 149, and onward.

Never done a recap of an event, looks like I picked one that sucked to do so, but oh well.

Faber/Barao wasn't a bad fight, it was on a bad card. Faber thinks he broke his ribs, so was understandably tentative, but this was just not his fight. I really thought that Faber could push the pace, go for takedowns and tire Barao out, but this went sort of like the Jorgenson fight, but five rounds. We'll see where Faber goes from here, maybe a fight with Ivan Menjivar or someone higher like Brad Pickett. Hard to say. Barao will of course go on to fight Cruz in a fight I'm actually super excited to see, Cruz's weird style vs Barao's stand up skills. I doubt it goes to the ground, but if it does I'll be stoked to see more of Barao's Jiu Jitsu in action.

Lombard/Boetsch sucked. Lombard got a couple of takedowns, landed a couple of punches, and mostly stood there for the majority of the bout, and looked gassed after one takedown in the first. I think he was waiting for Boetsch to engage, who instead responded with weak leg kick after weak leg kick, and ended up taking the fight on those alone. Lombard would make a good opponent for Chris Lebens return, and Boetsch doesn't really move up the ladder for me after this win. Maybe a fight with Belfort or Bisping ? I think he loses both of those fights, but it would move the other closer to a title shot.

Kongo/Jordan sucked too. For all the hate wrestlers get for lay n pray, I'd watch that any day over Wall N Stall or whatever you call it. Ineffective clinch work by both men, with a deserved but totally unfun decision win for Kongo. He's basically the ultimate HW gatekeeper. He's never getting a shot, but can hand losses to most HW's. A fight with Big Nog still perhaps ? It'll probably suck, but whatever. Jordan should fight Mitrione, seeing as they're both coming off losses to Kongo, or Mike Russow.

Ebersole/Head was almost sort of semi entertaining. I hate Ebersoles whole "I'm so weird" thing anyway, and don't usually find his fights exciting, but this fight sucked mostly. He did his little cartwheel kick, got Head down a couple of times, and not much else. Head landed a little and is now 2-0 in the UFC, so good for him. Don't think he'll go far, but who knows. Ebersole is expected to drop to 155 which I think will end badly for him, and Head can fight John Hathaway or something I guess.

was the best fight of the main card. Fo'real. Riddle outgrappled Clements for much of the fight, Clements threw some rad shit, they banged and Riddle choked him out with a standing-to-trip arm triangle. I'm not a Matt Riddle fan as far as him as a fighter, but as a dude he seems pretty cool, and I hope they keep Clements around. Let Riddle fight Hardy since he called him out and it'll be good to see if Hardy can stop a takedown and outbox Riddles usually awful stand up, and we'll see if Clements still has a job, and if so he could fight Clifford Starks.

Jimmo/Perosh KO was rad. Still not a Jimmo fan and doubt he'll go far.

That is all.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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