UFC 149 Results: Dana White 'Embarrassed' With Way Show Played Out

Dana White is plenty upset with fights like Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan at UFC 149. (Photo: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE)

Last night's UFC 149 did not go well. After a much more entertaining than average undercard, the main card turned into a series of truly bad fights that left the fans chanting "Refund! Refund!" to voice their displeasure.

Dana White is not too thrilled with the way things went down and he had no problem making that known while speaking with Ariel Helwani on Fuel TV following the fight (via MMA Fighting):

"I said this the other day and it's true: We make money," he said. "This company makes money, and I like breaking records. We broke the gate record tonight and I'm embarrassed by it. I was excited when I heard and now I'm embarrassed. The undercard delivered -- they were awesome -- and the main card did not."


"I'm bummed out about it, I don't know what else to say," he said. "I'm pretty honest about it. I'm not out here saying that's the greatest show you've ever seen. It wasn't. When you buy tickets, we come into a market like this, we break the record and do the kind of gate we did because people believe in us. People believe in the UFC, and that when we come to town, we're going to bring you the best fights possible. And then our guys go out and they deliver. Like I said, this is a partnership between us and the fighters. We do our part and they always do theirs. Unfortunately, I was so excited to stick this one up everybody's a-- that said this card sucked, and we didn't."

SBN coverage of UFC 149

Dana also put a lot of the blame for the way the fights went on the referees. He got very hung up on Yves Lavigne not restarting the fighters in the fight between Shawn Jordan and Cheick Kongo. By the third round it was clear that Kongo and Jordan were planning to engage in a battle of "who can hold the other guy against the cage longer" with very little of the fight seeing either man throwing any strikes. While a restart may have been in order, I don't know that either man would have changed how they were fighting by the time the final round (which is the round Dana seemed most upset with) rolled around.

Dominick Cruz piled on when it came to that fight, stating on the Fuel after show that Kongo looked "unprofessional" by being so exhausted he had trouble getting off the floor after the final bell.

Dana also was clearly upset that Hector Lombard's debut went as poorly as it did, with the former Bellator champion standing around flat footed and rarely attacking while Tim Boetsch threw a few leg kicks and picked up a split decision win.

While Mike Chiapetta over at MMA Fighting said that this was a Lombard the MMA world hasn't seen before as he was "cautious and conservative," it was actually quite in line with roughly half of the Lombard performances I've seen. While he has gotten the stoppage in most of his bad fights, he still has had plenty of performances like this against guys like Falaniko Vitale. It's just been that previously, the few offensive explosions he has had have been enough to knock guys out.

We'll see if this brings any fire out in the future for Hector.

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