BECW UFC 149 Live Post + S4 Signups

Evening all,

Who's ready for another night of fisticuffs & fight picks, punches & playoffs and haymakers & hot bouts? THIS GUY.

Before you dive into the comment section, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

ANNOUNCEMENT #1: It is with a heavy heart that I hereby announce the retirement of John Danaher's Hair from his role as Commissioner of the BECW. JDH cites an increasingly busy schedule and the arrival of 7 new puppies as his reasons for stepping down. Let's take this opportunity to offer our Commish-erations and a huge thank you to JDH for his work!


ANNOUNCEMENT #2: What with there only being a week between the final S3 event and the first S4 event, we're going to start S4 signups for returning players right now. PLEASE OPEN THIS SPREADSHEET AND WRITE AN "X" NEXT TO YOUR NAME TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT IN THE NEXT SEASON!

Players who have missed picks are excluded from the BECW for a season.

ANNOUNCEMENT #3: Want to be a captain? If you have at least one season under your belt and time to participate in the draft (date TBC - it will be sometime between Aug 5 and Aug 9 depending on everyone's schedule) you can sign up now by visiting the same spreadsheet.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to dive into the comment section right now or take a look at tonight's fights and BECW matchups after the jump. Spreadsheet links are at the bottom of the post!

Main Card (PPV, 10pm ET)
Bantamweight United States Urijah Faber vs Brazil Renan Barao
Middleweight Cuba Hector Lombard vs United States Tim Boetsch
Heavyweight France Cheick Kongo vs United States Shawn Jordan
Welterweight United States Brian Ebersole vs United States James Head
Welterweight Canada Chris Clements vs United States Matt Riddle
Preliminary Card (Sportsnet/FX, 8pm ET)
Middleweight bout United States Court McGee vs Canada Nick Ring
Bantamweight Canada Roland Delorme vs United States Francisco Rivera
Light Heavyweight Canada Ryan Jimmo vs Australia Anthony Perosh
Bantamweight United States Bryan Caraway vs Canada Mitch Gagnon
Preliminary Card (Facebook, 7pm ET)
Featherweight Canada Antonio Carvalho vs United States Daniel Pineda
Lightweight Canada Mitch Clarke vs Finland Anton Kuivanen

BECW Grand Prix Semi-Finals

#1 Beta Males (7-1) vs. #5 Off Constantly (5-3)

#3 Wario Yamasaki's Stand-Up Guys (6-2) vs. #7 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Cecil Peoples (3-5)

BECW Grand Prix Consolation Bracket

#4 Night of the Living Death (5-3) vs. #8 Team Precise Precision (4-4)

#2 We Toquinho (5-3) vs. #6 Randy Couture's Dirty Boxers (3-5)

BECW Bland Prix

Rampage's School of Cuckoldry (0-1) vs. Patak's Chili Pickles (1-0)

Jon Jones' PR Agency (1-0) vs. As Real As It Gets (0-1)


Live spreadsheet is right HERE. For a comprehensive look at everyone's picks, go HERE.


Mutherfukers? Let us!

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