Stoked For UFC 149

Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than a week away. Less than a week away, from one of the most stacked PPV's in UFC history. I'm talking about UFC 149, an event that has kept me up at night in anticipation.

It's unbelievable how lucky Canadians are. Not only are they blessed with some of the top fighters in the game (Kalib Starnes, Kultar Gill, and Jason Thacker) and flattering interpretations in South Park, but they are given some of the greatest MMA cards that could ever be assembled. Man, Canadians are spoiled.

Don't get me wrong there are some flaws with UFC 149. Whenever Dominick Cruz pulled out of his bantamweight championship fight with Urijah Faber, the opportunity was there for one most enticing fights in the history of the bantamweight, and Dana White failed to seize that opportunity.

Instead of fighting Renan Barao, some random Brazilian who has beaten nobody, Urijah Faber should be fighting a top bantamweight that he has history with. That bantamweight Faber should be facing is Jens Pulver.

Can anyone think of more anticipated trilogy fight? Maybe, Shannon Ritch-Brian Ebersole III, but just maybe...

Aside from the lame duck main event, the card is absolutely phenomenal. Starting with the co-main event middleweight bout between Tim Boetsch and Hector Lombard. Although the bout has no implications in the middleweight division, the trash talk between both men has been phenomenal. You can tell that both men absolutely hate each other, and the fight is going to be a war.

When asked about Hector Lombard's virginity, Tim Boetsch replied in an interview with MMAMania by saying, "you can't take that away from him."

Hector Lombard went to twitter to respond to Boetsch's controversial statement by saying, "At the Red Rock Hotel man! this place is full of testosterone lol."

It is truly captivating trash talk from both men that makes their bout one of the most anticipated grudge matches in the sport's young history.

A bout between two of the heavyweight division's top stars also takes place at UFC 149 as Cheick Kongo takes on Shawn Jordan. At 37 years old, Cheick Kongo is one of the top prospects in the game who has a bright future ahead of him. Shawn Jordan is coming off a giant two fight win streak, and he's looking to extend that historic streak with a victory over France's finest.

The story line of the fight is really how big and how thick of a cup Shawn Jordan is wearing because Kongo's groin strikes are the best in the game. A lot of things are unclear about this heavyweight affair, but one thing that isn't is that the winner of this fight will likely receive a shot at Junior Dos Santos' UFC heavyweight championship.

Nothing says PPV quality like the fight between Matt Riddle and Chris Clements. I have a friend that is intrigued about the technical aspect of striking, and it'll be great to get him over to watch the technical prowess of Matt Riddle's stand-up. Chris Clements will also be a treat to see as he is coming off a huge split decision victory over Keith Wisnieski, an all time legend of MMA.

Due to Riddle being injury prone, he will be fighting while completely covered in bubble wrap. It will be a mesmerizing visual of an epic clash between two welterweight kingpins.

UFC 149 is a stacked card with five main event quality fights. I've had this event marked on my calender for months, and I am so excited that it is finally coming to fruition.

I will admit that I feel guilty that I am only paying 60 bucks for this unbelievable event, so I decided to order the event on multiple TVs as long as make a couple hundred thousand fake twitter accounts to follow Dana White.

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