I Get No Respect:The Jason High Story

At Saturday's Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy on Showtime, the fans saw decision after decision on the preliminary card. The main card saw more of the same, the trend only broken by Nate Marquardt's jaw dropping 5 punch/elbow combo that left Tyron Woodley in a crumpled heap against the cage. After the main event, the commentators recapped all the fights for fans that might have missed anything, which is standard procedure at the end of most cards. At this point you may be asking yourself, what the hell does this have to do with Jason High?

It, unfortunately, has everything to do with Jason High. He fought Nate Moore in the first fight of the evening, winning by quillotine in just 26 seconds. At this point, if you watched the fights, you are probably deep in thought trying to figure out why you can't remember it. Its OK. It's not your fault. For some reason, Showtime decided to make this a "dark match" and treat it like the red headed stepchild of the card. They not only did not air the fight, but they didn't even show High the respect of acknowledging the fight took place.

Now, I know very little about producing a show of this magnitude, but every Strikeforce card has an inordinate amount of filler. Jason High's fight was 26 seconds. 26 SECONDS!!!!! There is no reason the production team could not squeeze that in somewhere. To make things worse, the announcers never mentioned it either. It seemed as though Showtime was going out of the way to keep the results quiet. Check out Jason's reaction to the silent treatment after the jump.

High has had some good gems on his twitter page since the fight, including:

Coulda played my shit during the credits son!

Fuck y'all. I got photographic evidence that I had a fight tonight.

The pic you see at the top is the only image I have seen from the fight (from High's Instagram). High would continue on twitter the next day:

I'm sayin tho, I jumped all over a guillotine last night. I bet I looked like a gymnast or something. Did you guys see it? Wait....

Dark matches

At least High has shown a sense of humor about the situation. He has taken some ribbing from people well, including BE's esteemed Brent Brookhouse. More from High's twitter:

: Cool picture. I notice there's no opponent or date. So yeah. cool "proof," guy”

High has handled the situation like a professional, but you can tell that while he is taking it well, he is not happy about the issue. This afternoon ShoSports had to this to say on their twitter page:

Definitely looking into if we recorded it & can get it online. Such a sick sub!

This is the most backhanded compliment I have ever heard. Showtime apparently thinks so little of High (and Moore for that matter) that they don't even know if they recorded the fight at all. My mama always told me "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", so I will abstain from any comments regarding Showtime's asinine tweet.

Jason High might not be the first person you think of if someone mentions the brilliant late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, but he appears to be stuck in the "No Respect" role as far as Showtime is concerned.

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