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Take a look at my join date and you can see how long I've been a supporter of BE and the community that has thrived here. The biggest contributing factor has been the members' insight into MMA whether it be the business or technical side, BE has cultivated a community where insight and opinion can be brought up, criticized, and defended in a respectful atmosphere. In honor of that, I want to recognize the people that have recently analyzed the technical abilities of prominent fighters. So as not to give preference to any member, these are in chronological order.

SSReporters - The Dramatic Descent of Tyson Griffin

Since his UFC 63 debut, we have watched Tyson Griffin rise from prospect to contender and fall to gatekeeper. Tyson impressed so many with his initial run going 5-1 with his only loss to former champion Frankie Edgar. Starting with his bout against Sean Sherk at UFC 90 in 2008, Griffin has gone 3-5, even dropping down to Featherweight where he most recently lost to Bart Palaszewski at UFC 137. This being one of the most dramatic drop-offs since Chuck Liddell, SSReporters did his best to explain it saying:

Griffin Avoided Powerful Strikers

This is pretty much fact. The majority of Griffin’s opposition was tailor-made for Tyson to do whatever he wanted. Clay Guida, Marcus Aurelio, Gleison Tibau, and Thiago Tavares are not, and never will be considered powerful punchers nor technical strikers. But as soon as he faced a real hard puncher in Gomi his lights went off. An identical outcome occurred in the Palaszewski fight. Perhaps his chin wasn’t made out to be that good, and he simply rode his luck by fighting guys who simply were either inferior strikers or were superior strikers like Edgar but lacked any sort of power.

mattsterguy - An Analysis - Wrist and Bicep Control In The Johnson vs. McCall Fight

At UFC On FX 2, Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson fought an incredible fight that should have led to the first ever Sudden Victory round in non-TUF UFC history. However, the officials blundered and the fighters were forced to rematch at UFC On FX 3. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson took a close decision and mattsterguy had baluable insight to the nature of his victory.

On four separate occasions in the third McCall found himself pressed up against Johnson on the cage, poised to take the fight to the ground. And on four separate occasions(at roughly 4:15, 2:15, 1:15, and 0:45) he was thwarted by the wrist control imposed on his arm by Mighty Mouse. Unable to capitalize on his size and wrestling prowess at close quarters, McCall was gradually chewed up and warn down by Johnson in the stand up, and went on to lose a decision. It is my opinion that, had DJ not employed this technique in the clinch, McCall would have secured as many takedowns as he needed, and would have most likely gone on to win a split decision.

casey.harts - Analyzing The Ground Game: Ben Henderson - The Vicous Gumby

Benson Hendersons has been one of the most successful and surprising stars of the WEC merger. The former WEC champ lost his title to Anthony Pettis via Ninja Kick at WEC 53. Since then, Bendo has reinvigorated his career with wins over Mark Bocek, Jim Miller, Clay Guida, to lead to his championship winning fight against Frankie Edgar.

One of Hendersons most devastating tools in his arsenal is his Ground and Pound. With many guys currently being more conservative on top willing to whether out a decision or guys on bottom so deadly and versatile off their backs many guys wont work their top game to its potential. Bendo is different in this respect. He jumps into some of the best guards in his weight class fearless and shows them what ground and pound can truly be.

Henderson's willingness to relinquish position for devastating ground and pound is very rare in modern MMA, despite it's acute effectiveness. This stategy serves in his stategy to wear down and dominate opponents.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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