Leaving an Impression: Weidman Clears up an Otherwise Murky Middleweight Title Picture


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After UFC 148, and Chael Sonnen's devastating loss to Anderson Silva, MMA fans and media alike were tossing around a question that has been asked for years- "Who can give Silva a good fight?" The one man who has ever made him look beatable for more than a round was finished brutally, so what now? A superfight with Jon Jones seemed to be the most desired fight.

Four days and a six and a half minute fight later, Chris Weidman made a clear statement that he didn't want to be overlooked. This statement was made not only with his actual words, calling out the long time champion, but with the shockingly dominant performance over top ten middleweight Mark Munoz.

According to the stats, Munoz had no offensive success. None whatsoever. Other than a quick knockout, that's unheard of. At the level at which they were competing, it is downright stunning.

Weidman has for a long time been touted as a fighter with the potential to go far and be great, and that still goes on today. My only gripe with this is that it's completely wrong, it's not potential. Weidman is already doing big things, and is already great. What's more is that he's still improving, and that should be nerve wracking to any fighter who may meet him in the future.

His rate of success is baffling, and may be ahead of any fighter to precede him. To compare, in Jon Jones' ninth professional fight, he was in a somewhat competitive fight with Jake O'Brien. In Weidman's, he completely shut out a top ten middleweight in every facet of the fight. Now a championship future seems certain.

Chris Weidman has what is essentially the worst stylistic matchup for Anderson Silva. He has top notch wrestling, an unforgiving submission game, and a composed and cerebral stand up game. To say Weidman should fight anyone other than Silva seems absurd to me. He definitely has the talent, the composure, and the skills to give Anderson fits. He has athletic and physical gifts that make him a very tough matchup, most notably his long arms and overwhelming strength. Beyond that, he has the team to get him where he needs to be. With the striking prowess of Ray Longo, the grappling expertise of Matt Serra, and the analytical mind of John Danaher, he is a formidable matchup for Anderson Silva right now.

With the crazy amount of skill and growth that Chris Weidman has shown, it is hard for me to think of any matchup that makes sense other than Silva at this point. Down the road, I wouldn't be surprised if Weidman vs. Jones is the matchup fans are clamoring for.

Also, to say that the matchup with Silva doesn't make sense because Weidman isn't a draw is not fair, and it's even a little silly. The UFC has to strike while the iron is hot, and right now, at least 800,000 casual fans know Anderson Silva as a destroyer of worlds. They need to make the matchup quickly to capitalize on Anderson's hype, and to keep Weidman's momentum going so we can see an interesting middleweight title fight that doesn't need trash talk.

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