My first UFC show at UFC Fuel 4

On my 27th birthday, I made a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. Learn to surf, rescue a dog, see one of the wonders of the world. One item on that list was "See a UFC show live."

I got my opportunity on Wednesday at Fuel 4.

It wasn't as "epic" of a card as I imagined my first UFC show to be. Some might argue that it probably was the least epic card someone could have gone to. But I had a blast, and i hope you guys enjoy hearing and seeing parts of my night.

My buddy and I were at the Strikeforce Heavyweight show and we overheard someone talking about how they were preselling UFC Fuel show tickets at the box office. We ran over there and we were lucky enough to get 1st row ringside seats! It was pretty damn lucky of us. We had better seats than Luke Rockhold! He was 2 rows behind us!



Arianny, Joe Silva, Ken Flo and Anik about 10 feet away from me. For the prelims, when the crowd was quieter, you can actually hear Florian's commentary.


Bruce Leeroy after his win.


The back of the UFC on Fuel pre and post show set.


Dana showed up right before the main card. He walked right into the crowd and started taking pictures, shaking hands and signing autographs. Really impressed that he stayed there a good 20 minutes, made sure he got as many fans as possible. Literally ran to his seat 30 seconds before the RDA vs njokuani started.


Njokuani hurtin after his loss. It was pretty cool that the fighters left the cage right next to our seats. There was this family about 8 seats right of me, who were literrally right in front of the stairway. They kept asking every fighter for their hats after they left the cage, and believe it or not, the fighters gave them his hat EVERY TIME. I lost count on how many hats they got after 10.


Cain took 15 minutes signing and taking pictures for his fans. I was lucky enough to be one of the first pictures before a giant crowd swarmed.


GSP cornering Carmont. Shouting French 5 feet away from me. Awesome.

The coolest part of the night for me was when there was a break between fights, and I was trying to get Cung Le's attention. He actually saw me waving at him and waved back. I motioned the universal "Can I take a picture with you" hand motion (now to think about it, that motion was more like the "can I tickle your eye" motion). He threw his right foot up, showing his cast, and mouthed "sorry".

Overall, I had a great time. The first row seats were worth every penny. There were solid KOs, solid submissions, and no fight was overly boring. Then again, I don't think any fight could have been boring when you could feel every punch or leg kick thrown. Oh also...Joe Silva is still rockin an iphone 3GS.

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