UFC On Fuel: Munoz Vs. Weidman - Live Results And Play-By-Play For Facebook Undercard

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Fuel TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman. Our live coverage will start with the fights on the Facebook prelims (5:45 p.m. ET) through the main card on Fuel (8 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the Facebook undercard.

The undercard sees five bouts take place on Facebook with the "headliner" being a bantamweight clash between Damacio Page and Alex Caceres. Chris Cariaso takes on Josh Ferguson in a flyweight fight. Middleweights Rafael Natal and Andrew Craig meet on the stream. And the undercard is rounded out by welterweights Marcelo Guimaraeres and Dan Stittgen and bantamweights Raphael Assuncao and Issei Tamura.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

Here's Kid Nate taking over for Brent. And now Dallas Winston taking over for Kid Nate. The Facebook prelims are now complete and the full play-by-play and results are posted after the jump.

Jump over to the UFC on Fuel TV 4 main card live results here, where Brent Brookhouse will be your tour guide.

SBN coverage of UFC on FUEL TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman

Alex Caceres vs. Damacio Page R1: Page puts his head down and head hunts right off the bat. Again, and they clinch -- Caceres throws a knee and Page hits a slick trip. Caceres looks for an armbar from guard but ends up with the wrong arm. Caceres busy off his back with up-kicks and submission attempts, forcing Page to defend. Caceres tries to knife his shin under Page's chin for a gogoplata but Page defends the unexpected attempt. Now Caceres is looking for a triangle and chaining submission attempts together; a sign of his vastly improved game.

Caceres is in complete control from his back and Page only throws one strike in between the blistering submission pace. Now Caceres locks up the triangle and uses it to sweep, hammering down punches with the mounted triangle. Page slips out and goes back to survival mode inside Caceres' guard, who is dominating with excellent control of Page's head and posture. He nearly secures another triangle on the bell. 10-8 Caceres for dominating with effective grappling.

R2: Caceres' leaping knee is caught by Page and he's taken down. This time Page gets off first with strikes and forces Cacares to defend. As soon as he stops punching, Caceres slithers his leg over Page's shoulder again to cinch a triangle that's too tight to defend.

Alex Caceres defeats Damacio Page by submission (triangle choke), Round 2.

Chris Cariaso vs. Josh Ferguson R1: The flyweights touch gloves and we're off. Ferguson flies in with a flurry and clinches with Cariaso, who retreats straight back. Cariaso throws him off balance but Ferguson regains his footing. Ferguson aggressive with his right hand and then a right low kick. Cariaso pegs him with a blistering hook and swarms him to the ground but lets him up questionably a few seconds later.

Ferguson elevates Cariaso hips with a double on the fence and powers him down and jumps into half guard with a top-side guillotine attempt. Cariaso tries to shrimp out but then regains his guard and then stands when Ferguson reacts. Cariaso lands a heavy punch and Ferguson lands the second strike on a high kick to spinning kick combo. My Facebook stream is getting choppy so bear with me. Cariaso hits a takedown with twenty seconds left and ends the round hammering short elbows. Again, my stream quality is horrible here, but I'll give it to Cariaso by a small margin for the more effective strikes. 10-9 Cariaso.

R2: Both fighters looking to take the helm in the 2nd, throwing heaters early. Cariaso scores with his straight left as Ferguson roars forward. Ferguson switches levels and hits a takedown but it's short-lived as Cariaso stands and lands another left. High kick from Cariaso whiffs but he's put Ferguson on the defensive. Again Ferguson hits the takedown but Cariaso stands immediately and lands punches.

Cariaso misses a 1-2 but bobs under the counter and connects with his second volley. Ferguson tries to clinch up and Cariaso throws with underhooks before circling off the cage. Ferguson's eye is bleeding from Cariaso's steady dabbing. Short elbow in the clinch from Cariaso who changes foot position and hits a throw. Good ground and pound from Cariaso to close the round. 10-9 Cariaso.

R3: Ferguson a little hesitant with his punches but lands moderately. Cariaso ties him up on the next flurry and hits another takedown. Ferguson takes a knee and tries to reverse with the whizzer but Cariaso isn't having it. Ferguson's back up but Cariaso uses his footwork in the clinch to nail another trip. High half guard with elbows from Cariaso. He threads his arm around Ferguson's neck when he tries to escape but Ferguson powers up to a knee and stands up.

Ferguson looks for a guillotine but Cariaso pushes him away and they restart in the center. Cariaso wins the clinch war and ends up in the rear waist cinch. Ferguson goes all Sakuraba by countering with the spinning kimura and then beautifully taking standing back mount on Cariaso. That was a silky smooth transition. 10-9 Ferguson, leaving my card as 29-28 for Cariaso.

All three judges have it 30-27 for Chris Cariaso, who defeats Josh Ferguson by unanimous decision.


Andrew Craig vs. Rafael Natal R1: Veteran ref Marcos oversees the match. Natal helicoptors two meathooks that whiz through Craig's corn-rows. Natal brings the same cyclone of rushing punches again with his chin out. Craig looking to evade the bullrushes and play the technical counter game. Natal sneaks a few punches through and Craig, pawing with his jab, slices a counter left hook.

Inside low kick from Craig as Natal switches to southpaw briefly. Craig's trying to time his right high kicks, having thrown 3-4 near misses. Natal switches stances again and charges with a flurry. Spinning back fist from Natal, who circles away from Craig's right hand. Then again but his takedown is avoided. Natal spears in a straight kick and lands more glancing punches with increasing confidence. Another low kick from Craig. It wasn't pretty but Natal landed more effective strikes. 10-9 Natal.

R2: Craig comes out swinging with a big right hand and a pawing jab. He evades Natal's spinning back fist and lunges forward with a crisp low kick. Natal freaks out with punches again and connects on a few, seemingly putting Craig on roller skates and into survival mode. Natal follows him to the mat with punches, Craig stands back up in the clinch but Natal hits a takedown. Again, Craig is up but Natal hits a nice low single and threatens to mount Craig against the cage.

Craig sits up and grabs wrist control to stall the blitz and Natal stands up and looks for a guillotine. Craig expertly uses the space to reverse Natal and ends up in his half guard. Natal transitions to a kneebar and Craig backs out to reset on the feet. Another high roundhouse kick from Craig misses; Natal plants a short jab on his nose and says something to him. Right roundhouse kick lands to the body for Craig. Pow -- Craig's next high kick clips the entire left side of Natal's head and it's lights out with just a few ticks left in the 2nd.

Andrew Craig defeats Rafael Natal by KO (head kick), Round 2.


Marcelo Guimaraes vs. Dan Stittgen R1: Guimaraes cracks with two low kicks, Stittgen sneaks one in and Guimaraes answers. Guimaraes shoots for a double and then switches to a high single against the fence when Stittgen defends. Guimaraes goes back to a double and hits the takedown momentarily, but Stittgen is up and countering with dirty boxing, then getting in guillotine position. Stittgen switches from the choke attempt to a throw and hits a reversal takedown, but Guimaraes follows suit and stands right back up while firing short strikes.

Guimaraes circles Stittgen against the fence and drops levels for a double that's stuffed. They trade knees in the over-under clinch. Stittgen counters the high single with another guillotine attempt to stave it off. Guimaraes crams him into the fence and lands short knees and body punches. Guimaraes can't find the hip throw. Stittgen bellows out in frustration with just less than a minute to go, but can't channel enough chi to escape Guimaraes' fence-clinching before the bell. 10-10 for equally effective offense.

R2: Stittgen cracks a low kick that drops Guimaraes for a moment, but he recovers quickly and resumes his clinch grind with a body lock. Stittgen pummels under to break the hold and then spins off the fence with a sharp flurry. Guimaraes wings an overhand right and follows behind it to lock up another clinch. Guimaraes shoots hard for a takedown but Stittgen sprawls out and lands a low kick and a left hook. The UFC stats flash across the screen and indicate that Stittgen stuffed all 13 takedown attempts, which is incorrect.

Regardless, Stittgen circles curiously into Guimaraes' power hand and gets trapped in another clinch. Guimaraes not digging the stand-up exchanges and buying time in the clinch. Referee Josh Rosenthal breaks them up and Stittgen sneaks through another punch/low kick combo. 10-9 Stittgen for effective striking.

R3: Guimaraes busy with low kicks but many are reciprocated by Stittgen. Looping uppercut from Guimaraes grazes the side-stepping Stittgen, who establishes his outside low kick again. Low then high kick from Stittgen, then a front kick, left high kick, right low kick. Nice left counter from Stittgen, who's dictating the striking. Guimaraes hanging in though and lands a kick and left hook of his own, then a stiff low kick. Another to slow Stittgen's momentum.

About even halfway through the round, Stittgen pings two more kicks and Guimaraes responds with low kicks that Stittgen isn't checking in time. But he answers with a low kick before Guimaraes charges him and puts him on the fence with some wild-boar-like grunting and a series of hooks to the ribs. Guimaraes now channeling his chi with a berserk rage of knees to the thigh, punches to the body and bestial growls in the Brazilian dialect. It could've actually won him the round, but it wasn't entirely effective and their 3rd-round output was fairly equal. 10-10, giving Stittgen the 30-29 nod on my card.

29-28 Stittgen and 29-28 for Guimaraes twice -- Marcelo Guimaraes defeats Dan Stittgen by split decision.


(Kid Nate) -- Raphael Assuncao vs. Issei Tamura Round 1: Jason McCoy is the ref. Assuncao lands a couple leg kicks to cristen the action. Tamura lands a hard right. Tamura looking to counter. Assuncao throws a high kick, glances off. High kick by Assuncao, checked. Nut kick, ref won't call time. Leg kick from Assuncao. Another. Assuncao switching stances. Tamura lands a jab. Front kick from Assuncao misses. Leg kick from Assuncao. Superman punch misses but leads to clinch. They break quickly. Tamura swinging wildly. Leg kick. Tamura lands a right. Spinning back kick from Assuncao lands and drives Tamura back. Tamura shoots. Gets stuffed. Assuncao with front headlock. Tries to take Tamura's back. Tamura backs into the cage. They stand, over unders. Assuncao breaks. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 2 Assuncao opens with a leg kick. Assuncao goes for a spinning back kick but Tamura charges inside it and tries to follow up. Assuncao counters with a right and drops Assuncao! He follows up and gets the finish. Raphael Assuncao defeats Issei Tamura via TKO in 0:25 of Round 2.

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