MMA's G.O.A.T.

So after Anderson Silva's dramatic win on Saturday, I was somewhat supprised to hear that everyone wasn't crowning Anderson Silva as the Greatest MMA fighter of all time. Many people were stating that he "probably cemented his argument for one of the greatest of all time (like it wasn't set already).

So that got me thinking... Is Anderson in fact the greatest of all time? If he isn't, who is?

Lets decide.

Why Anderson Silva is the Greatest fighter of All Time:

- He's 15-0 in the UFC

- His UFC resume includes wins over: Forrest Griffen, Nate Marquardt, Chael Sonnen (x2), Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin (x2) Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami, Demian Maia, Travis Lutter and Chris Leben.

- He's defended his belt 10(!) times

- He moved up in weight twice, and beat a former LHW champ.

- He's considered equally dangerous on the ground as he is standing up (maybe not quite as equal, but he's dangerous regardless).

- He beat fighters such as Lee Murray, Mach Sakurai, Jorge Rivera, Carlos Newton and Tony Fryklund

- He's only been to two decisions in his UFC career, and times he out classed his opponents enroute to a dominating victory.

- He hasn't "Ducked" any opponents in his weight class.

Why Anderson Silva isn't the greatest fighter of all time:

- Thales Leites. Outside of a split decision victory (after a point deduct for Nate) over Nate Mardquart, Leites earned his title shot by beating Drew McFedries, Ryan Jenson, Floyd Sword and Pete Sell...really.

- Patrick Cote. His UFC record is 4-8. He's not won a fight in the UFC since fighting Silva. - Outside of Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson, he hasn't fought any real wrestlers, only guys who are tailor made to get KO'd by him.

- Has 4 losses to less then top notch fighters, none of which he can attribute to old age, size differential etc.

Why Fedor Emelianenko is the greatest fighter of all time:

- Including his first "loss" a TKO loss due to accidental headbutt cut, Fedor reeled off a record of 31-1 before another loss

- Fought the best of the best at HW including Big Nog (x2), Heath Herring, Gary Goodrich, Kaz Fujita, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Cro Cop, Mark Hunt, Semmy Schilt, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Brett Rogers.

- Out of his incredible 34 MMA wins, he has only been to a decision 8 times, with 10 KO's and 16 Subs.

- Has given up anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs consistantly to his opponents

- He fought his opponents at their strenghts. Fighting with Big Nog in his guard. Battering Goodrich on the feet. KO's Alrovski standing. Subbing Fujita.

- Battled back in many fights. Kevin Randleman practically broke Fedor's neck. Fujita rocked Fedor early. CroCop battered Fedor, breaking his nose early in their fight. Yet he won all of those fights.

Why Fedor isn't the greatest fighter of all time:

- Hong Man Choi (has 2 MMA was over Jose Canseco), Matt Linland (a Middleweight), Wagner Martins (was tapped out by Butterbean) Yuji Nagata (a great wrestler..not in the Coleman sense, but in the Undertaker sense).

- While Big Nog, Cro Cop and Coleman went back to the UFC to test themselves, Fedor was fighting in Bodog and Affliction.

- Randy Couture & Josh Barnett. The only two top ranked Heavyweights of Fedor's era that he never fought, who could have given him the biggest test of his career.

- When he did move over to fight the younger breed of fighters, he lost 3 fights in a row...1 by sub, 1 by KO, and 1 by domination.

- Many say his skills have deteriorated with age, yet he's only 35, the same age or younger then fighters such as Mark Hunt, Dan Henderson, Anderson Silva, Roy Nelson, Mike Brown, Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort (to name a few), all of whom are still going strong.

Other Choices:


- Pros: Most dominant WW fighter of all time. Has defended his WW belt 7 times, fighting all the top ranked opponents in his weight class. Might have the best "MMA Wrestling" in the sport. Equally fluent on the ground as the feet.

- Cons: Hasn't finished an opponent since 2009, while 3 of his last 4 opponents that he decisioned have been stopped by a much lower ranked opponent post GSP fight. Many consider his style as a "play it safe" style. Lost to Matt Serra in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

Jon Jones:

- Pros: Has destroyed all competition he's faced. Has only 1 "loss" on his record, a DQ loss. Beat 4 former champions in a row. In less than 2 years into his MMA career, he had beat Brandon Vera, Stephan Bonner, and Jake O'Brien. Hasn't showed any real weaknesses in the cage.

- Cons: Still young, with plenty of time for his career to down fall. Might grow out of his LHW frame, and not be as successful at HW.

Jose Aldo:

- Pros: Racked up a record of 21-1, beating all top contenders convincingly. Has beat 3 former champions. Has brutally KO'd 14 opponents and defended his belt 5 times by the young age of 25.

- Cons: Much like Jones, he is young and has time to either out grow his body and end up doing poorly at a higher weight class, or have a career slide in his weight class. The Featherweight division is growing, but still considered very thin.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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