Travis "The Hurricane" Reddinger and his Quest for the Big Time

Here's an article on a bantamweight prospect from my site -- I hope you enjoy!

A common misconception among the general public is that anyone who fights for a living is either A) a macho meathead or B) simply crazy.

Fight fan or not, take one look at Travis Reddinger and you may think the latter. But take a seat next to the man -- who rocks a pink mohawk, an eclectic set of tattoos, and brightly painted toenails -- and you’ll find out that “The Hurricane” is quite the opposite. He’s a father, a Registered Nurse and a business owner; in other words, a normal guy... Or is he?

Travis is a seven-year veteran of the sport, but he comes from a marital arts tradition that dates back centuries. You see, Travis Reddinger is a ninja.

Like all ninjas, he has been raised in the ways of awesomeness within a secretive clan. I am risking my life by telling you this much. If I were to reveal the name of this long-standing mysterious group, then I would surely be living in fear.

The number of ninja wars he has been in is unknown, but as a mixed martial artist “The Hurricane” boasts an impressive record of 17-4, and at 5’ 10” he is one of the tallest bantamweights in the entire sport.

As most ninjas do, Travis has a great aversion to long, drawn out battles, as evident in the fact that five of his wins have come by knockout and 10 by way of submission. Travis is a very intelligent fighter, another ninja quality. He takes a detailed approach to the fight game and has a knack for taking advantage of even the smallest of openings to get the fight-ending result he desires.

Though he prefers a quick stoppage, he has the conditioning to go the distance, an attribute he prides himself in, and has even gone five rounds to triumph over Zach Wolff at Brutaal Fight Night. (Yes, That’s how they spell it.)

In 2010, Travis was invited to participate in Bellator’s inaugural bantamweight tournament. In the quarterfinals he was paired with well-known grappling ace Ulysses Gomez. Despite coming from a wrestling background, Gomez has been practicing jiu jitsu now for more than a decade.

Gomez is a 10-time Grapplers Quest champion and a 3-time NAGA champion, but it was Reddinger who was the more impressive grappler that night. Gomez was able to take Reddinger down but not once could he pass Reddinger's guard. He then spent the majority of the fight fending off Travis’ relentless submission attack. Gomez used his wrestling base well and stayed on top, but was nearly finished late in the fight when “The Hurricane” locked in an armbar and then beautifully transitioned to a deep triangle choke.

The fight was razor close and ultimately wound up in the hands of the judges. One judge saw it in favor of Reddinger but the other two scored it for Gomez.

The heart of a true warrior is illustrated in the way Reddinger handles defeat. Since the loss to Gomez, Travis has continued to make advancements as a fighter. Traditionally known as a ground specialist, he showed off his improved striking in his last fight against another Minnesota prospect, knockout artist Floyd Hodges.

Reddinger used his reach effectively, throwing a number of kicks and straight punches to control the stand-up. He then worked his clinch game by throwing knees to the body and legs in round two to wear Hodges down. In the third round he finally put “The Hitman” away after he landed a big body kick and a series of punches against the cage.

Travis Reddinger has grown to be a big fish in the small pond of the local Minnesota fight circuit. It is time for “The Hurricane” to be given the opportunity to shine on a bigger stage. Support Team Hurricane.

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