I may have just purchased UFC 148 legally through YouTube for 99 cents. Edit: Aaaand they made it private.

I first saw this on Reddit so I decided to try it out. If you go to this link for UFC 148, the UFC offers streams for their PPVs on YouTube. This is the 1080p version and it's 99 cents. If you change it to one of the lesser quality videos, the cost changed to 44.99 like it's supposed to be.

I did my checkout and was charged 99 cents like it said I would.



So here are some options of what happens:

  • The UFC/YouTube realize their mistake and cancel my purchase or something
  • The UFC/YouTube realizes their mistake, honors previous purchases, and changes it for future.
  • The UFC/YouTube realizes their mistake and charges me for the full price without me agreeing to it. I then raise hell with my bank and get my fucking money back for stuff I didn't agree to.
  • They just don't realize anything and I get to watch UFC 148 for 99 cents.

This IS the streaming event and not a preview, promo or other such thing. I get:

This live event will begin in 30 days, 1 hour Please come back later.

after my purchase and there is nothing to indicate this is anything other than the live streaming event. It also has "Start time: July 7, 2012 06:00 PM" under the like and dislike buttons. If it ends up being a mislabeled preview, then I think I can suck it up and deal with my loss of one US dollar.

Also: worst case scenario I get a refund through YouTube by definition under their TOS:

YouTube reserves the right to change the availability of Pay Content and/or pricing without notice. In certain rare circumstances, a third party licensor to YouTube may even force us to make an item of Pay Content unavailable for viewing prior to or even following an order by you during your Viewing Period due to copyright disputes or other reasons. Your sole remedy in such situations is either a refund of the price paid for the unavailable Pay Content or a reasonable replacement for such otherwise unavailable Pay Content (e.g., a file of such unavailable Pay Content in a different format), as determined by Google. In such circumstances, please submit a refund request using the Report A Problem tool in the YouTube Help area of the YouTube website.

So if you want to take a bit of a risk like I did, go ahead and purchase it at that link. I'm hoping they simply change the price for future buys. There wasn't a chance I was going to miss an opportunity to watch that fight card for a dollar. If they charge me full price against my will, I know I can easily get my money back so that's not a big deal to me at all. Just wanted to alert my fellow mutherfukers to a potential steal of a purchase.

Edit: They made it private so no one else can buy it for 99 cents. I hope at least one of you made the purchase.

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