Bloody Elbow News Roundup: Randy Couture Against TRT, Gilbert Melendez, Bob Sapp Insanity Continues

This man doesn't need TRT. He has a freakin' gun.

Aloha folks, and welcome to another edition of the Bloody Elbow News Roundup. I'm still trying to find my rhythm with these things and it's been a winding road so far. Some days (like yesterday), there's almost nothing of note that we didn't cover so it wasn't worth writing a roundup. Today, there's a veritable cornucopia of stuff. I'll try to keep the long-winded (yet oddly humorous) commentary to a minimum so we can cram in a boatload o' news. Let's go.

We'll start with some old dudes. Namely, Randy Couture and Rickson Gracie. Captain America, who is out and about promoting his new movie The Expendables 2, spoke with MMA Weigh-In about TRT and basically said he understands why guys do it, but he was always able to find natural alternatives (transcribed by MMA Mania):

I chose a little bit different path in trying to find natural ways to boost my own testosterone levels and my body's own production. I used the XCAP program, resveratrol, those natural products that forced my body to produce more, and seeing a doctor that's going to regulate where your levels are. So you know, they designate what the top line is for a natural human being. And unfortunately, if you get carried away with TRT, you're going to cross that line and you're going to come up positive in a test. In our profession, to be banned from making a living for probably a year, and trashing your reputation, it's really not worth it. I just think there are alternative ways of doing things.

There's a lot more to the interview, including some funny comments about Junior dos Santos, so you should check it. Oh, and Rickson? He basically told Tatame that BJJ is only 30% of MMA now, and the two guys that impress him most in the sport aren't even big-time BJJ players - Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. Oh, that Rickson.

Moving on, let's hear what Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez has to say about his employer this week. Is he mad again? Is he demanding to go to the UFC? Nope, he's back to liking the guys that pay him 175k a fight (via Sherdog's Savage Dog Show):

"I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't in my situation right now. I don't even want to preach that I'm the number one fighter in the world anymore. I just want to go do my thing in Strikeforce, and if somehow that opportunity comes up where I can prove it and fight some of the top talent, then I'm definitely up for it. But as of now, I'm going to be doing my thing here. I'm happy with Strikeforce and I'm happy with Showtime overall. Just sometimes you want different talent, but I'm happy overall."

After the jump, we'll rifle through a buttload of news and you can laugh at Bob Sapp once again.

Okay, it's New Roundup Rapid Fire time!

We'll close things out with The Insane One, and I'm not talking about Justin McCully. Bob Sapp was famously interviewed by Ariel Helwani a couple of weeks ago and it was all kinds of odd. Today, he released a series of videos mocking Helwani and The MMA Hour...and they might be even weirder than the original interview. You can check out all three below.

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