We Three Judges for UFC 143L: Judge Our Judging

Between BVandDietPepsi, Diazcondit_medium


TC Engel and I, we've done our best to alert you to our new community judging project. Tonight we started the movement by doing a live judging exhibition as the three of us did a live scoring rewatching UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit. As would be expected, BV scored every single round 10-10, while TC displayed his English favoritism scoring 80% of the fights for Michael Bisping. Representing Amurican democracy and awesomeness I was the best observer available and scored every second of every round correctly, even those I didn't watch due to drunken distractednessocity.

The live results were available here (via google doc)

Follow after the jump for our Official scoring of the entire event

Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Natal. Aggressiveness grew when he was on the bottom, but he dictated the pace and location of the fight, and the armbar sealed it, as he finally showed the aggressiveness needed to win a round.
Chris -
BV - 10-9 Natal. Not a great round, but controlled Kuiper on the ground. The armbar from bottom won him the round. Kuiper had a chance to throw some hammers towards the end to steal or end it, but didn’t do shit with it.
Round 2
TC - 10-10. Kuiper owned the first two minutes, in my opinion, but did not do much of anything once Natal showed any aggression with grappling, and Natal’s striking was solely arm punches that did little damage.
Chris -
BV - 10-9 Natal. Atrocious round for Kuiper. He’s supposed to be a striker, had Natal against the cage twice, yet Natal threw enough punches and kicks to keep range on Kuiper. Had a standing guillotine, let it go. Horrible gameplanning by Kuiper. Natal does just enough to take it.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Natal. He was closer to finishing with the choke that Kuiper was with his GnP, had better positional dominance/control than Kuiper throughout the round, holding side control, or mount, for half of the round, while never being in significant control.
Chris -
BV - 10-9 Natal. That could have easily been a 10-8 Kuiper round if he would have just maintained control after he got that awesome knockdown. But nope, exhibiting the Fight IQ of a Two-Toed Sloth, he not only lets Natal recover, but lets him control him on the ground, lock in an arm-triangle, and was seconds away from tapping or going out. If I was a Kuiper fan, I’d put my foot through the screen. Frustrating fight for him.
TC - 30-28 Natal. Bad fight, neither man didn’t do much of anything. Natal dictated the pace and location of the fight, and held more dominance in the third, the most action packed round, than Kuiper to take the fight.
Chris - 30-28 Natal (DG)
BV - 30-27 Natal. Natal didn’t show me much and he easily could have won every round if Kuiper wasn’t such a moron. Having him pinned against the cage TWICE in the 2nd round and being outstruck by Natal is embarassing.
Decision: Because Hall is a shithead, we’ll use DG’s score as our third: Judge One scores it 30-28 Natal, Judge two scores it 30-28 Natal, and the Third scores it 30-27 Natal, our winner by Unanimous Decision. The official judges had it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for Natal.

Henry Martinez vs. Matt Riddle
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Martinez. For the first 3.5 to 4 minutes of the round, he controlled the octagon, and connected harder and more often, while Riddle was sitting there taking it, until he remembered he had a 12 foot reach advantage and winning the last minute, which doesn’t make up for losing the first 4.
Chris - 10-9 Martinez. Martinez clearly won the vast majority of striking exchanges. I’ve never seen a fighter so incredibly inept at enforcing a reach advantage as Riddle (Even Struve). Why doesn’t he wrestle? I hear he’s supposed to be good at it.
BV - 10-9 Martinez. Struvian is Riddle using his 55" reach advantage, Joe. Riddle against a much, MUCH smaller opponent, feels like boxing with him. Martinez throws nasty quick hooks and tight combos to easily get the striking advantage.
Round 2
TC - 10-9 Martinez. More of the same in this round. Riddle is terrible at using his reach, the first three minutes, he lost every exchange, getting hit with a few clean hooks. In the last few minutes of the round, Riddle hit Martinez with a number of clean strikes, but nothing dominant enough to make up for the first portion of the round.
Chris - 10-10. Another round of complete striking. Martinez missing with as many as he was landing while Riddly did a slightly better job of controlling distance with kicks. Both fighters saw some success on the feet, but overall it’s a wash.
BV - 10-10. Riddle gonna Riddle. He finally SMARTLY starts using his kicks to keep range and keep Martinez from moving in to throw those cyclone combos. He can’t help himself but get sucked in when there’s a firefight, and he usually takes the worst of it, but landed a nice front pushkick to the face of Martinez, who’s about up to Matt’s knee to set up a flurry of punches, which is what he should be doing.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Riddle. Finally learned how to use his reach properly, battering Martinez from a distance, until he took him down, and while he never inflicted much damage, did gain a dominant position in back mount with both hooks in, until losing it, bringing things back to the feet, where it was more of the same. If Riddle looked for a sub or was more patient with his GNP, he would’ve had a better oppurtunity to finish or get a 10-8.
Chris - 10-9 Riddle. Finally Riddle actually utilizes the skills he’s polished. After a minute and a half he grabbed Martinez with a single leg and brought him to the ground. Was able to scramble for the back and gain back control. He repeated it again after Martinez escaped and tried to punish with ground and pound.
BV - 10-9 Riddle. Oh hey, Riddle has about a four-weight-class size advantage on his opponent, so he decides to finally use some strength to wrestle and take it to the floor. Didn’t do a ton with it until the end, where he used some legit GnP to get off a dozen or more nasty shots on Martinez. Until then, the striking battle was about even, but Riddle was able to get it to the ground and do solid damage on Martinez.
TC - 29-28 Martinez. He won the first round handily, and narrowly won the second, all with crisp, tight boxing. However, once he lost his cardio, he lost his speed and had nothing for Riddle in the third. Riddle could not capitalize on it though, only doing enough to secure an obvious 10-9, which was not enough to give him the win in my books.
Chris - 29-29 Extremely frustrating fight to watch. Riddle looked two weight classes above Martinez here, but spent the first two rounds looking almost completely inefffective on the feet as Henry countered him. If he had used his most effective skills and advantages he could have easily won the decision instead of a majority draw.
BV - 29-29. Riddle is an entertaining motherfucker, but goddamn he fights dumb. The size advantage was literally comical, like it was a freak-show fight or "Take-on-all-comers" olde tyme challenge and Martinez absolutely beat him up for the better part of the fight.
Decision: Judge one scores it 29-28 Martinez, Judges two and three score it 29-29; Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Majority Draw. The official judges had it 29-28 Riddle, 29-28 Martinez, and 29-28 Matthew Riddle.

Chris Cope vs. Matt Brown
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Brown. He definitely won the striking phase, but the work on the wall was fairly stale, just because Brown was leaning doesn’t mean that he was winning. He landed a few good elbows, but nothing significant. Some nice takedowns, but Cope popped back up, which ran the TDs null.
Chris - 10-9 Brown, but much closer than I expected. Both fighters landed pretty evenly standing and traded control against the fence. Brown edged it out for me with the two successful takedowns.
BV - 10-9 Brown, but close. Looootta wall and stall in this one, but that trip was gorgeous, and he landed some nasty elbows against the cage. Cope landed some good shots in the striking battle, but Brown had some nice strikes put-together and his landed a lot harder.

Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Caceres. Despite being floored by a head kick knockdown, he more than came back by maintaining either back mount with a body triangle, threatening the RNC or mounting Edwin.
Chris - 10-9 Caceres. Fairly even starting out, until Edwin landed a big head kick and tried to capitalize. Unfortunately, for him, that was the most success he’d see and Bruce Leroy dominated the rest of the round with dominant positions, very good scrambling and attacking for submissions.
BV - 10-9 Caceres. The fight was up for grabs. Both guys got their shots in, both guys landed awesome knockdowns. Both were effective. But with 1:30 left, Leroy put on a grappling clinic. Took Figueroa’s back multiple times, locked in a RNC a few times, and fielded Fig’s scramble only to transition to mount. Very slick. This round ruled.
Round 2
TC - 9-8 Figueroa. A painful two point deduction due to low kicks goes to Alex, otherwise it would be a very definitive 10-9 Caceres. He was great in this round, with crisp striking, followed by dominance, positionally, and striking-wise, on the mat. He repeatedly looked for routes to finish the fight, whether it be triangle, armbar, or RNC.
Chris - 9-8 Figueroa. Edwin looking completely outclassed in pretty much every area this round. He landed a few shots standing, but everytime it hits the ground he looks like a fish out of water. Easy to blame it on the nut shots, but Caceres is making him look foolish.
BV - 9-8 Figueroa after the bizarre two-point deduction. Fig is a school bus fire on the ground. Caceres was literally able to just take a seat behind Edwin and lock in a RNC as if they were restarting position or something, then got locked in a triangle while just hanging his head through Caceres’s legs and not doing any striking.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Caceres. Figueroa gives his first offense of the fight in its’ concluding moments, but it’s too little too late. Caceres runs the show on the ground again, most of the round on Fig’s back. There wasn’t much else to tell. Caceres was the cat to Fig’s mouse the majority of the fight.
Chris - 10-9 Caceres. Same story as the second and most of the first. Figueroa just cannot compete with Bruce Leroy on the ground. By the time he acts, Caceres has already gained the superior position.
BV - 10-9 Caceres. Absolutely took the fight where he wanted it to go. Spent most of the round on Fig’s back, and when he got dumped, took his neck. Figueroa going for a leg crank/potential figure-four at the end of the round was nice, but this grappling battle was no contest.
TC - 28-27 Caceres. The groin shots were obviously less than timely, but the deduction was weird, in that Caceres got no formal warning, and then two points rather than one, but Caceres still showed more than enough to make him a clear winner in spite of this. He controlled position, striking, and grappling. A very dominant performance in which he showed no weaknesses apart from being tagged by one hard kick in the first round. Past that, he had it on cruise control.
Chris - 28-27 Caceres. Despite the unusual double point deduction, there’s no reason to score this fight against Caceres. Aside from the heavy headkick in the 1st, Caceres dominated the rest of the fight. If he wasn’t so godawful sloppy with his submission attempts he’d be a dangerous fighter at Bantamweight.
BV - 28-27 Caceres. That deduction was fucking weird on a number of levels, especially when Herb called the questionable kick that Figueroa waved off in the early 2nd clean. Really goes to show how awesome Jimy Hettes is on the ground that he took that clinic Leroy put on Figueroa and threw it out the window.
Decision: All three judges score this contest 28-27 for your winner by Unanimous Decision, Alex Caceres. The official judges had it 28-27 Caceres, 28-27 Figueroa, and 28-27 Edwin Figueroa. Somehow.

Clifford Starks vs. Ed Herman
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Starks. He landed a small knockdown, and landed harder and cleaner in all of the exchanges, and controlled the clinch. Was taken down once but immediately reversed to top position.
Chris - 10-9 Starks. Regularly landed the harder shots while striking. Also, I was very impressed with how he was able to land effective strikes when he put Herman’s back against the cage. Ed had a chance to score some points when he landed the takedown, but he landed no effectual ground and pound and Starks was eventually able to reverse him.
BV - 10-9 Starks. Definitely got the better of the striking exchanges, landing a minor knockdown early in the round and generally peppering and popping Herman with regularity. Herman did manage to take Starks down after looking wobbly for the better part of the round, but didn’t do much with it, and Starks managed to roll him into guard and land a few.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Renan Barao
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Barao. He landed cleaner and faster than Scotty every exchange, and hit him with more significant strikes. Got a minor knockdown early on, but Jorg recovered quickly. Scotty has no ability to take him down thus far, and every attempt has ended with Scotty’s back on the cage.
Chris - 10-9 Barao Pretty even round for the most part, but Barao landed the cleaner shots throughout the round. Barao also defended all of Scotty’s takedown attempts with easy, while establish control against the fence with his own.
BV - 10-9 Barao. Overwhelmed Jorgensen early with some HADUKEN force. Scott recovered, tried to get his wrestling going on Barao, but Renan blocked every single takedown, and once Scott cleared the cobwebs, Barao just outstruck him on a precision-level. Popping Scott’s head back with strikes over and over and just beating him to the punch and kick with regularity.
Round 2
TC - 10-9 Barao. He again easily won the striking exchanges, beating Scotty to the punch and landing harder. Midway through the round, Scotty attempted a takedown which Barao reversed into top control for himself, but did little with other than some non-consequential ground and pound.
Chris - 10-9 Barao Renan came out easily beating Jorgensen to the punch and landing the harder shots. After reversing a takedown attempt, Barao did his best to punish Scotty from half guard and then guard, before Scotty escaped. Jorgensen started to land more effectively late in the round, but not by enough to get the advantage.
BV - 10-9 Barao but close. Surprisingly Barao took the fight to the ground with Scotty, didn’t do a whole lot with it, and Scott recovered, but Scott just can’t do anything on the feet. Renan is counter-punching like Marquez. He has an answer for everything Scotty throws at him. Dodge, parry, 1-2.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Barao, but the closest round yet. He landed a little less cleanly and with a little less zip, but he was still good enough to take the round. His use of leg kicks at the end of the round didn’t allow Scotty to plant and throw like he needed to, and just generally gave Scotty more than he could handle.
Chris - 10-9 Barao. I think Jorgensen landed a higher quantity of shots throughout a ound of 100% striking, but Renan landed the most significant blows of the period. He shook Scotty on at least one occassion and repeatedly caught him off balance. Scotty did well at making Brao miss as much as possible, but when he landed, he landed hard and clean.
BV - 10-9 Barao. Not sure if it’s foolish or valiant that Jorgensen has evacuated all chances of going for a takedown, but just chose to trade with Barao. Scotty did land a couple good ones on Renan, but for every punch or kick Jorgensen landed, Renan had two and a half coming back to him. Just more technical, quicker, and better on the feet.
TC - 30-27 Barao. Barao just had more than Scotty tonight; he’s a better fighter. He’s very technically sound, snapping his kicks and keeping his punches straight and tight. Dictated the pace and location of the fight. Jorgensen gave Renan a lot, but never more than he could take. Scotty fought valiantly but never quite good enough.
Chris - 30-27 Barao, but don’t let that deceive you. Jorgensen was never out of this fight and it was a close contest at every point. I think the real story here was how easy Barao shrugged off Jorgensen’s takedowns. It seemed to really frustrate his gameplan to the point where he gave up on it by the 3rd round. Great performance by Renan and no shame in this loss for Scott.
BV - 30-27 Barao. Scotty was game, and I would have really liked to see him try to take the fight to the ground in the third and just see what he could have done. You could have arguably given him the second, so whether he was disheartened by his attempts in the first, or surprised at Renan taking it to the ground in the second, for one of the best wrestlers in the division to stand and trade with a monster like Barao was concerning.
Decision: All three judges score this contest 30-27 for your winner by Unanimous Decision, Renan Barao. The official judges scored it 30-27, 30-27, and 30-27 for Barao.

Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce
Round 1
TC - 10-10. Neither man really took the advantage in this round. Both man landed some crisp shots, but neither landed better or more than the other in this round, neither dictated pace or aggression either.
Chris - 10-9 Pierce Surprisingly used solid head movement to get around Koscheck’s pawing lead hand. He repeatedly landed effective hooks in the exchanges though he took someone in return. On top of that, he landed far more strikes when he managed to get Kos against the fence.
BV - 10-9 Pierce, but by a hair. He did everything Koscheck did, but just a tad better. He controlled Kos against the cage just a little bit more, his striking was just a little bit better. Pierce’s jab was his biggest weapon though. He nailed Koscheck with it early and often.
Round 2
TC - 10-9 Pierce. Another very close round. Pierce landed a lot of short straight punches, and had very nice striking defense throughout. Kos did score a takedown, but did nothing with it until Pierce managed to make his way up. Pierce’s striking was the difference here.
Chris - 10-9 Koscheck. A pretty close round, but Koscheck was much more able to avoid Pierce’s most effective weapon in the fist round - the jab. Mostly even, but Kos capped it off by scoring ann impressive double in the last minute of the round.
BV - 10-10. They both got their shots in. Pierce’s jab is still landing, but Koscheck is landing more of his own and defending a tad better. Koscheck’s takedown is negated, because it was extremely weak and Pierce got right out of it. That may have been the weakest takedown of Koscheck’s career.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Kos. It was dirty, as he had the Bones Jones open hand lead and eye poked a lot, but he also landed a fair number of solid strikes and takedowns. In a fight this close, that’s enough to win a round.
Chris - 10-9 Koscheck. I don’t like it, as Kos was floating an open lead hand throughout the entire fight and repeatedly caught Pierce in the eye with it. Aside from that, he landed the majority of the harder shots of the round along with scoring two takedowns. I hate to give it to him, but without a poitn deduction for the fouls, I can’t score against him.
BV - 10-10. Sorry, that’s how I see it. Koscheck did dick with his takedowns, Pierce’s jab was still landing, but Koscheck had the better combos. Kos couldn’t really get anything going or sustain anything. Pierce was hardly the aggressor this round, but he had an answer for everything Koscheck did while providing enough offense of his own to not concede the round. I know there’s no points for "defense", but for Pierce, it was defense transitioning to offense. It was stifling a takedown to get to the clinch, it was never conceding a full takedown and bouncing up to work strikes from the clinch. Pierce kept landing that jab over and over again. Again, didn’t think he won the round, but I don’t think he lost it either.
TC - 29-29 Draw. Incredibly close fight. Both men had few moments of strength and weakness. Pierce generally got the better of the striking, and Kos generally got the better of the grappling, but neither so definitively to make me give them the fight.
Chris - 29-28 Kos. I hate this fight. I thought Kos barely edged the second and third rounds but that was only due to very dirty tactics he employed throughout the fight. However, without a point deduction, I can’t penalize him for his actions. Kos by the dirtiest decision ever.
BV - 30-29 Pierce. My third-round analysis pretty much summed it up. Both guys had answers for the other, with one glaring exception, the jab of Mike Pierce. Over fifteen minutes, he landed it with impunity and unanswered, constantly popping Kos’s head back, keeping him at a distance, and using it to set up strikes. Can a jab win a fight? On its own, no, but with a fight as even as this one, sometimes the smallest things can prove the difference.
Decision: Scores are 29-29, 30-29 Pierce, and 29-28 Koscheck, we have a split draw.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Werdum. Roy’s knockdown of Werdum appeared to be more of a slip on Werdum’s part, and apart from that, Werdum kept Roy pinned in the clinch and hammered him with knees, hit him with straight punches and leg kicks at range, and took him down and took his back early on. An all around round.
Chris - 10-9 Werdum. For the vast majority of the round Fabricio made Roy look completely innefective. He outstruck him on the feet and controlled him on the ground. Roy did see a small bit of success with a straight right that knocked Werdum down, but overall, the action was all Fabricio.
BV - 10-9 Werdum. Roy is good on his feet, good on the ground, garbage in tight near the fence and in the clinch. That’s where Fab induced a ton of pain. Werdum also had a gorgeous trip early in the fight and took Roy’s back, but Roy’s BJJ was savvy enough to get him out of trouble, as was Werdum’s armbar attempt Roy shook off. We’ve seen it against Mir, JDS, and now Werdum. Roy needs some Thai clinch work.
Round 2
TC - 10-9 Werdum again. Nothing too spectacular, but he consistently landed faster and harder than Nelson wish straight punches and leg kicks. Inactive round.
Chris - 10-9 Werdum. He opened up the round easily outstriking Big Country and landing heavy combos. After the second minute it seemed pretty even until Roy landed a big right hand. He tried hard to capitalize in a flurry, but the short period of superiority wasn not enough to switch the tide of the round.
BV - 10-10. Striking was about even. Werdum didn’t do nearly enough clinchwork or close-quarters striking. Nelson stalked him down the whole round and when Roy was in trouble in the clinch, Werdum would get off a good shot, but Roy would overhand his way out of it. Roy also wobbled Fab a couple times, but nothing so significant that it deserved the round. Pure striking battle. Werdum with the more technical, but Roy with the harder and more effectie.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Werdum. Again, his straight punches, knees and low kicks are so much more than Roy can handle. The jab was the difference maker, popped his head back every time. The knees were also very hard.
Chris - 10-9 Werdum. Early in the round, it looked like Roy may be able to change the flow of the fight. He caught Fabricio early in a standing guillotine and followed it up with some solid cage control. Werdum was nonplussed however and took over the round with his superior Muay Thai. After the second minute, the round was all Fabricio.
BV - 10-9 Werdum. Just all Fabricio here. I don’t think Nelson gassed, per se, as he kept coming forward, but Fab was just too precise. Easily his best round. Landed everything on the button while keeping out of range of Nelson’s overhand.
TC - 30-27 Werdum. Third round was a microcosm of the fight. It was a stand up battle, but all Werdum. There was one moment in which Roy looked competitive, the overhand right, but that’s it.
Chris - 30-27 Werdum. This was the 3rd in a series of fights that showed Roy Nelson struggles against top competition in the Heavyweight division. He’s undersized, despite his weight and has a very limited skillset. He’s quite the personality and a decent following but he’ll never be top contender material.
BV - 30-28 Werdum. This surprised me. Werdum showed signs of his striking improvements against Overeem, and granted, Hoy is no Overeem, but he was precise, he was technical, his gas tank held up, he worked great from the clinch, and just was on his A-game. Cemented himself as a contender.
Decision: 30-27, 30-27, and 30-28 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Fabricio Werdum. The official judges scored it 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27 for Werdum.

Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz
Round 1
TC - 10-9 Condit. The main story here is Condit circling away and left and hitting Diaz with a lot of jabs and leg kicks. A lot of leg kicks. Diaz’s biggest strike was a left hook off a clinch he initiated, but past that, Condit landed far more important strikes.
Chris - 10-9 Condit. Not the most exciting round of action we’ve ever seen but by volume alone I’ve gotta give it to Carlos. Nick chased him all around the Octagon as he landed leg kick and straight punches repeatedly. Nick saw a couple moments of succes against the cage, but not anything significant enough to take control
BV - 10-10. This first round comes down to one thing. Leg kicks. I, myself, am a leg kick guy. They’re extremely underrated, and I’ve seen the damage they can do in a long fight. From the waist up, I thought the striking was Diaz’s, but the way Condit could land not only leg kicks ad nauseum, but push kicks and body kicks was crucial. How do you slow down someone with an endless gas tank? Chop them down. That was easily enough to warrant a draw.
Round 2
TC - 10-9 Diaz. Definitely a Diaz round, he managed to goad Condit into playing his game a little bit, trapping him along the cage at times and hitting him up and down the body and head until he got his back off the cage. Also, I wish I could dock fighters for showboating, Diaz’s game is not at all entertaining to me.
Chris - 10-9 Diaz A very very odd round. Condit landed in more volume but seemed largely ineffectual. The most significant exchange of the round was Diaz back Condit into the fence and landing with a barrage of body punches. Other than that the rounds was mostly even.
BV - 10-10. Once again, Diaz landed a couple that made some noise, but Condit chose his shots and delivered. Diaz had a nice exchange against the cage, but Condit keeps landing those kicks to the body. I didn’t let Diaz’s showboating fool me, Condit was landing.
Round 3
TC - 10-9 Condit. The most clear round of the fight thus far. Condit has clearly begun to frustrate Diaz with his gameplan. He has hit Diaz with everything but the kitchen sink of kicks, both low and body, with the odd front and Brazilian kick thrown in. His jab has also impacted Diaz on occasion. Diaz does nothing but chase.
Chris - 10-9 Condit. The Natural Born Killer took this round to make the most of his counter punching as Diaz moved in. Diaz did see some limited success, but I think Carlos edged him throughout the rounds by forcing him to follow.
BV - 10-9 Diaz. Oh, we throwing spinning shit now Carlos? Pure Diaz boxing prowess here. He finally starts to mix in some kicks along with his strikes. Condit stuck and moved, but Diaz landed religiously.
Round 4
TC - 10-9 Condit. Same as Round 3, only more dominant. Condit began to string together combinations more confidently, landing a jab straight leg kick high kick was a high point. Also hits a nice side kick. Diaz is realizing his opponents gameplan and tries thrice to take the fight down, but to no avail. Needs a finish or a dominant round to come out with a win.
Chris - 10-9 Condit. this Round epitomized Condit’s strategy throughout the fight. H e did his best to use a mix of movement and pressure to make Diaz miss as he landed. He clearly outlanded Diaz and made himself look as effective as possible.
BV - 10-9 Condit. Probably the best round I’ve seen anyone get on Diaz in the past four years or more. Condit absolutely outboxed and outstruck Diaz. For the first time I’ve seen, Nick’s palms-up "C’mon homie" got answered with a nasty 1-2 from Carlos that might have broken his nose, as he shook his nose out and cut that ship abruptly. Condit strung together some gorgeous combos, including a kick-punch-headkick that was beautiful and again had nick blowing out his now-giant nose.
Round 5
TC - 10-10. This round was very even, the striking portion I’d give a slight edge to Condit, but not major at all, as Condit takes advantage of Diaz’s showboating to land both to the head and body with straight punches and kicks. At the end of the round, Diaz pulled Condit down into back mount, where he worked for positioning, and then an armbar at the end, but it was too little to give him the entire round.
Chris - 10-9 Diaz. This round really looked to be a replay of the 4th where Condit had a solid fel of Diaz’s rhythm and would out point him on the feet. However, Diaz made the most of a back clinch and sat down to establish control. He seriously threatened the submisssion and maintained control throughout the rest of the round.
BV - 10-10. Condit was pouring on the striking early, getting in much better shots, but not overwhelming. However, Diaz decided to go non-Diaz and try to take the fight to the ground. He did, and got back control on Condit, which is no small feat, but he did jack shit with it and Condit negated everything he did at every turn. Still, his surprising action of taking it to the floor and rocking a bodylock on Condit’s back was impressive, trying for a sub, and enough to save him from losing the round.
TC - 49-47 Condit. Really a great fight, one of my favorites of the year. Condit fought a brilliant fight, staying on the outside and frustrating Nick into coming into places where he can land at will. Once Condit’s confidence was high, it was smooth sailing; he used combination kickboxing to pick Nick apart at will.
Chris - 48-47 Condit. Without a doubt this was one of the hardest fights to judge I can remember. Both rounds 2 and 3 were extremely close and I can understand a range of scores from 10-9 either way to 10-10. I thought Carlos edged it through a more effective gameplan and landing more strikes as he made Diaz miss. After tonight, however, I can’t really argue with a dissenting score.
BV - 49-49. Don’t gimme that 10-10 BV lulz nonsense. If you can tell me that either fighter had a markedly better round in 1, 2, or 5, then I’m open to hear it. Maybe I’m wrong, but hey, I’m the one with the pencil and paper :) Doesn’t the fact that seemingly 50% of the MMA world have it for Condit and 50% have it for Diaz mean that a draw is somewhat reasonable? We’ve watched four straight hours of MMA (something even legit judges don’t do on a card), and I really, really wanted to plant my flag in one camp or another, but as I looked at every single second of the round, I just couldn’t. So have a good laugh over it, but I am what I am. Furthermore, this fight, to me, just proves one thing, the power of Michael McDonald’s hands.
Decision: 49-47 Condit, 48-47 Condit, and 49-49 to give Carlos Condit a Majority Decision victory. The official judges had it 48-47 Condit, 49-46 Condit, and 49-46 Condit.

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