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By the Numbers: Jon Jones

Jonathan Dwight Jones born July 19th, 1987 in Endicott, New York also known as Jon “Bones” Jones gaining his nick name from his broad and lanky figure. Jones is among one of the most divisive figures in the MMA world. Either you love him or you hate him. Some call him arrogant, and immature, others call him a god send, or the Greatest of all time. No matter the stance you take on this very young champion is your belief and yours too hold, but there is one thing no one can debate here and that is the fact that this kid can fight.

Jones made his MMA debut April 12th, 2008 at FFP: Untamed 20 in Boxbrough, Massachusetts. “Bones” won by TKO(punches) in one minute and thirty-two seconds of the very first round. Jones would fight almost weekly for a month. Between His debut and and his fourth professional MMA fight only spanned twenty-eight days. His second fight was seven days after his first. His third fight six days after his 2nd. The fourth fight was fifteen days after his third. Only a month and eleven days would pass until his fifth fight. The last fight he had before his UFC debut was only twenty-two days following his fifth contest, and twenty-nine days later he would make his UFC Debut. To simplify there was a grand total of one-hundred and twenty days between his MMA debut, and his UFC debut.

Jones finished all of his non-UFC opponents; one by submission (guillotine), two by TKO(punches), and two by KO(punch/punches).

The first time Jones would make it to the judges score card would be at UFC 87 against André Gusmão winning a decisive decision. Jones would put his unbeaten streak on the line against UFC vet Stephan Bonnar at UFC 94. With some trouble in the stand up Jones was still able to control and at times Rag doll The veteran Bonnar winning a unanimous decision. Jones next fight would be against fellow wrestler Jake O’Brien submitting him early in the second round via Guillotine.

When Jones met NCAA Division 3 wrestling champ Matt Hamill it was expected to be a competitive affair. The actual fight was vastly one sided. Jones handled Hamill. Being disqualified for using ’12 to 6′ elbows which is illegal under the unfied rules. After this remorseful loss, Jones would TKO Brandon Vera at UFC Live: Vera vs Jones. At UFC Live: Jones vs Matyushenko Jones would defeat Vladimir Matyushenko via TKO. Following these two quick TKO’s Jones would meet Ryan Bader at UFC 126 winning by Guillotine in the second round.

After this win Jones would be called up to fight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Stepping in for at the time fellow Jackson team mate Rashad Evans. Jones would defeat Rua by KO in the third round becoming the youngest Zuffa-era UFC Champion ever at twenty-three years of age(Vitor Belfort won the UFC 12 Heavyweight tournament at nineteen).

Since becoming Champion Jones has defended three times, against Quinton Jackson(Rear naked choke), Lyoto Machida (Guillotine), and Rashad Evans(Unanimous Decision).

Jones has compiled a record of sixteen wins, and one loss(dq).

Of his wins only three have ever gone to a decision, his finishing rate is eighty percent. Eight TKO/KO’s, five submissions.

“Bones” has four ‘of the night’ bonuses; two ‘Fight of the nights’, one ‘Submission of the night’, and one ‘Knockout of the night’. With ten fights in the UFC that sets Jones at a forty percent chance that he will put on a ‘of the night’ performance.

In Jon Jones UFC career has thrown four-hundred and sixty-seven strikes with a fifty-one percent accuracy. His opponents have tbrown two-hundred eighty-five strikes with only a forty-two percent accuracy.

Jones attempted twenty-two take downs with a sixty-three percent success rate. While only zero take downs have been scored on Jones earning him a one-hundred percent take down defense rate.

Jon Jones has attempted seven submissions, finishing four of his opponents with them garnering him self a fifty-seven percent success rate per submission attempt.

The longest reach in the UFC and belongs to Jon Jones tied with UFC Heavyweight contender Stefan Struve, both men with an unusual 84.5 inch reach.

Jon Jones opponents have a combined record of one-hundred eighty-four wins, sixty losses, one draw, and one no contest.

With all the controversy surrounding him and his DWI which he will be pleading guilty too, and rift in fans his persona has created will make everything surrounding him more dramatic.

But the question is; Does he deserve the praise he gets, and has he earned it? When simply looking at the facts it is clear as day his talent is overwhelming and his athleticism a puzzle for his opponents. Whether you like the person he is or is who he is pretending to be is your decision to make, but the Jon Jones can fight and fight well.

Does Jon Jones deserve his praise?

  • Yes
  • No

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