Cesar Gracie Discusses The Diaz Brothers: Nick's 'Temporary' Retirement, Nate's Title Shot

May 5, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Nate Diaz before his lightweight bout against Jim Miller during UFC on Fox 3 at the Izod Center. Nate Diaz wins by submission in round two Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Cesar Gracie is the leader of one of the best camps in MMA, but he's also a pretty controversial figure. He's been known to stretch the truth and play people against each other when he feels the need, but in an interview with Fight Hub, he was pretty straightforward about two of the biggest stars under his wing - the Diaz brothers. Nick Diaz is currently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for elevated marijuana metabolites following his UFC 142 bout with Carlos Condit, while Nate Diaz is in position to get a title shot at lightweight.

Gracie first talks about Nick, and the use of the term "retirement":

"There’s retired and then there’s retired. One day you have a job and you retire, that’s retired. But Nick's too young, he's what...28? 29? Whatever he is. So I think the word is, the word can be used... how about temporarily retired."

He then goes onto explain Nick's fight with NSAC, and whether him suing the commission could hurt his chances of coming out of "temporary retirement"

"You know, whether it hurts or not, you've got to do what's right. That's what this country was built on, is people standing up for their rights, and what they think is right. Not scared of the system. You know, we don't live in China, afraid of the government. We gotta do what we think is right. And if they hold that against Nick, how wrong would that be? Nick is gonna do what he is gonna do, he doesn’t back up. 'So lets see what happens.

Check after the jump to see what Gracie has to say about Nate's title shot, and check out the whole video.

On the younger Diaz sibling and having to wait for an apparent title shot against the winner of the UFC 150 bout between Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar. He said that it was "pretty much Zuffa" that decided it was good for Nate to wait for the winner:

Dana White, Lorenzo, whoever those guys, you know, I think that's the match they want to see. And I kind of agree with it too.


Nate's been fighting since he was, I don't know what it is, 17 or whatever. Without a break, time after time. So take a few months to actually not be in a training camp is not a bad idea. And you're gonna see him come back harder and tougher.

HT: Fighters Only

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