Random poll of New Yorkers

Yesterday while in the city, i decided to randomly poll various people in the city with a few basic questions about MMA. I've wanted to do something like this for a while but never got the chance to. I had a few very basic questions that I asked.

1) Have you ever watched an MMA fight? If the answer was yes I continued with the next question.

2) I named 5 fighters- Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Brock, GSP, and Jon Jones and asked how many of these fighters they knew.

3) I then asked whether they considered themselves a fan of the sport.

4) My final question was only for people who answered no to being a fan and it was why they are not a fan of the sport.

I was only able to get answers from 13 people, 12 men and 1 women although I tried asking around 50 people to answer the questions. They ranged from all different ages and I tried being as random as possible. Let's get to the results.

Of the 13 people I questioned, 6 of them have ever watched an MMA fight. However, only 3 of them considered themselves fans and only casual fans at that. Of the 7 people who never watched a fight, 6 of them told me that they had no interest in it whatsoever while the 7th told me he is morally opposed to the idea of fighting for no reason as he put it. Of the 6 people who did watch MMA, 1 was able to identify all 5 names, 1 identified all except GSP and another all except Jon Jones. Two others were able to identify Randy, Chuck, and Brock. Funnily enough, a man who did not watch any event was able to identify GSP without me even asking but then it made sense since he turned out to be Canadian.

I know this turned out to be written pretty badly and mushed together but I am extremely tired. Although the subject pool is very very small, I think that it really is somewhat indicative of the general attitude towards MMA at the moment. People either don't know, don't care, are casual fans or are completely against it. It may be the fastest growing sport blah blah blah but it really does have an incredible way to go before being considered mainstream at all. Cheers ya'll and good night.

Slight addition: One of the people who watched a fight told me it was 1 fight. He told me he found it repulsive but after saying this, he paused and added "but it did not make me stop watching". I found this to be pretty interesting.

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